Sep 2, 2008

High Drama...

The Worst Joke

When they profess and believe Hindus worship false Gods, why this idiotic drama?

"Hindu Muslim and Christian R Only God's many names" (something you never get to hear from anyone other than Hindus. Only Hindus believe all Gods are the same. You simply don't.)

Hey first of all you stole this line from our Vedas and Bhagavadgita. Secondly, all these are which God's names????! Jesus? I don't think you believe any other God exist. How come you change over like chameleons when you are under suspicion by the investigative departments in supporting militant Christians in the guise of Maoists?

Hold on! Let the facts about Orissa killing come out. This drama of demonstrations all over India against killing of "YOUR people" in Orissa with NO whatsoever concern for the very core issue of killing Swami Laxmanananda, is something fishy. You have been well trained to device good gestures and fool majority of people.

If when the investigations finally point out the culprits to your churches will you apologize to entire nation? Will you stop your evangelism and have a national debate on your conversions? Will you ever dare to prove against every allegations by VHP/RSS of your involvement in funding the Maoists (naxals)?

This drama will not take you far. If you believe all religions are only different names of the same God, why do you ever have to have the tribals give away their religion and culture to take up yours? Even when you say they come to you on their own, why in the first place you went to them? They believe in Krishna and you just leave them to their Gods. You have no business to brain wash them to believe they worship satans, false Gods.

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