Oct 25, 2008

Sarvam Brahmamayam

Everything belongs to Brahma

Sadasiva Brahmendra believed to have composed this sometime between 16th and 18th century AD. The simplicity of this composition is mind boggling. I add the lyrics and the meaning below here.

Priya Sisters, the wonderful duo have rendered the song excellently well. I loved the neraval part of 'sadaaa' in the third charanam. If you dwelve into the feel of the song along with the depth of meaning in the lyrics, I am sure tears jerk off your eye with exstacy.

Lyrics: Raag: Darbaari Kaanada


Sarvam brahma mayam rE rE
Sarvam brahma mayam


Kim vachaneeyam kima vachaneeyam ..(what can be spoken what cannot be spoken)
Kim rachaneeyam kima rachaneeyam...(what can be created/written or not created/written)
Sarvam brahma mayam ...............(all belongs to Him / Brahma is everywhere)

Kim paTaneeyam kima paTaneeyam .....(what can be read and what cannot be read)
Kim bhajanIyam kima bhajanIyam ....(what can be recited and what cannot be)
Sarvam brahma mayam ...............(are all His creation)

Kim bOdhavyam kima bOdhavyam...... (what may be taught and what may not be taught)
Kim bhOktavyam kima bhOktavyam ... (what may be enjoyed and what may not be enjoyed)
Sarvam brahma mayam ...............(all of them possess Him)

Sarvatra sadA hamsa dhyAnam .......(everywhere, always immerse yourself in His worship)
Kartavyam bhO mukti nidAnam .......(will lead you to Salvation)

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ALOK said...

hi. i need an mp3 of this song. i used to recite it when i was a young boy. please forward a link frm where i can download it.

Muralikrishna said...

It is not padaneeyam, but pataneeyam, patanam in samskrtham means to study.