Oct 17, 2008

National Debate on Conversion

LK Advani has called for a national debate on religious conversion (25 Sept.) "A free and honest democratic debate on the issue of religious conversions is the need of the hour."

BJP has suggested this many times in the past but only once after Babri Masjid was demolished a all religion meet was organised. But it failed to come to any understanding. Why? Obviously the political thugs poking their noses into the affairs of faith will ruin the atmosphere.

Now the Imams and Priests must come forward and have a national debate. None of the directly or indirectly connected ministers should participate in the meet. There must be ABSOLUTELY NO intervention of any political party or government in the meeting. Let the purely religious heads discuss and take a stand and let the government then decide how to make it work. More than just an outcome of the meet, there must be a DECISIVE CHAPTER written by all the religions participating and signed by the leaders. Let a whole week be allocated for this. Let them prepare entire agenda including other issues than just conversion. FOR HEAVENS SAKE LET THEM CREATE PEACE IN INDIA FOR EVER!

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