Oct 19, 2008

Congress, Hindus and BJP

It is more than proven that the local home grown Indian muslims have been growing up as terrorists within India under the fundamental Islamic training by their counter parts, the Talibans.

These trained Indian muslims are those who obviously have no patriotism towards this great country which has bred them, given them education, wealth and everything, including a life better by multitudes than in any other Islamic country. They do not see the Nation as mother, for if they did they would never have taken this course of dastardly action against their motherland (Islam does not approve 'Motherland' concept, however.)

What is it for the 'Secularists' to oppose anything Hindu? It originates in the Congress party, their negativism spreads its tentacles across all its allies. I for sure admire the consistent opposition of the Congress party ever since its birth. So I believe, Congress and their allies oppose anything Hindu only because they see to that their principle opposition parties (mainly the BJP) and the Sangh Parivars should never be allowed to win on any issue. It is not their hate against Hindus, rather its their fear of losing against the Sangh. Its the congressmen ego which is demonstrated through the likes of Kapil Sibal or Jayanthi Natarajan.

What does it mean when Congress and allies do not take a tough stand against the homegrown terrorism? Intelligence agencies, Police have given ample proof of involvement of the very Indian Muslims in blasting bombs across the country. Congressmen do not consider it enough to root out these organisations. It appears to be hard for Congress to deal with our Minorities, but they efficiently manage blaming Sangh for everything and anything that poses danger to their stance. Always turn the table towards Sangh/BJP when the Congress is cornered for their inefficiency in handling issues that is concerned with the national integrity and security. Their lapses are always being converted into attacking the patriotism of Sangh. They always get unconditional supports from the Mulayams, the Ulloos (Lalloos), the Shahabuddins, the Imams and the Vaticans too! The logic is straight and simple: Oppose Hindu to Oppose and win over Sangh Parivar.

If Sangh parivar including BJP takes up issues on national integrity, protecting Hindus, demanding rights of Hindus, cross border terrorism, religious conversions etc., the Congress immediately realizes its failure in handling those issues and goes into a bunker to start firing the BJP and Sangh whatever it takes to do so.

By doing this the Congress and its allies are assuming that the world, and specifically Indians can be fooled for ever. They think they can make believe the world that all the issues about islamic terrorism, conversions of tribals are myth created by the Sangh parivar. It is becoming more and more clear since last couple of years that the Sangh has been correct. They have been bringing up the national issues which would be harmful to the country to be tackled at the very root. It has always been ignored by the Congress. Congress has also been successful in painting the Hindu patriots as 'terrorists' to rest of the world.

Where do we stand now? The Congress is unable to bring out an alternate to POTA though they claim they already have enough laws to curb terrorism. So why not implement immediately? But their inefficiency in stopping terrorism is a well known thing by now.

Congress should stop being an opposition for the sake of opposing BJP on all national issues that they highlight. Congress must with all its humility, partner with all it's opposition parties, in governing the country, by constructively cooperating with them on critical issues such as terrorism. By being egoistic Congress presents itself as a power-monging, brutal, ruthless form of governance.

Overall performance of Congress has been the worst of all times in history of India. Their leadership is more involved in politics and governance. They have shown to the country that they are power hungry and un-secular. They are the ones who created discrimination in India by maintaining Caste and Religion in all kind of applications. They are just following the divide and rule policy of the British. I would rather adjudge that Nehru's connections with Mountbatten's family must have been one of the reasons of his manipulative politics he did in the aftermath of Independence. His legacy is being carried out word to word till today by his family (now in proxy.)

Despite arrogance of Congress ever since Nehru, the Bharatiya Janasangh and now the BJP and the truly patriotic organisation RSS have grown from small numbers to several millions today. Which means people of India are intelligent enough to understand nationalism.

Congress's policy of appeasement has cultivated terrorists in India. And the reason that this terrorism is growing in India is because of it's NO tolerance to Hinduism. Congress chooses against protecting Hindus. That should mean Congress is helping terrorism in India.

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