Oct 30, 2008

Malegaon blasts: Hindu terrorism

[It will be very interesting to observe how various parties and especially the central government (the Congress) deals with this situation. We need to watch the scales turning between the Muslim terrorism and of Hindu. Whatever be done with the Malegaon case, must be applied to all over India wherever it has proven involvement of muslim groups.]

Blasts in Malegaon must be condemned without bias. The sanyasin and the army personnel allegedly involved must be booked under equivalent of POTA (if found guilty.) This should send a message to all those who terrorise India that the Law is same for all.

It is also to be learnt from series of terrorist activities in India, that while the Muslim groups were demonstrating against the Hindus of their certain acts in the past, Hindus in the Malegaon case has retaliated the Muslim onslaught. I am surprised to read that Jayanthi Natarajan who enjoyed watching Muslim terrorism, quickly started issuing statements after Malegaon once the culprits were found to be once associated with ABVP. Thats for congressmen patriotism. Even when the country burns they choose to get mileage out of it, they choose timing and floor.

Beyond all this, the Islamic fundamental terrorists must be very carefully xray monitored for they can act chameleons in these situations. Anything can happen in India! A nun's rape which was propagated as an act of sangh parivar was later proved to have been committed by someone close to the nun herself. It was a suitable timing to blame parivar at that time. The parivar outfits must immediately condemn Malegoan's perpetrators of crime.

The era of retaliations has started. And yet the governments has not initiated a dialogue with various parties supposed to be involved. The TV channels who are after Bipasha's ass or someone else's lips can be patriotic enough to spend one whole day on unbiased, uninterrupted discussion with bare facts with all the parties involved.

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