Nov 24, 2014

Seeing it all the way....

Old history could not be recorded properly and so cannot be considered valid. We just have to believe certain history just because someone recorded it by writing, in those times.

And then came the revolution of print media, video, audio and biometric recording etc. Now you CAN make a hard proof of events. The facts of today, is a valid History of tomorrow.

But looking at it from a philosophical and spiritual view, it could also be true that the mankind learns from experiences. And so, the transformation of human beings from discovery of fire, to discovery of ways to set satellites on a planet, the maturity process was a destiny pre-defined for us humans. If seen holistically, this is how the growth would be. This is the only way the progress can happen and so, the pattern that evolves in years to come, also has a specific direction, that is Destiny.

Some can already see it, many may never!

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Aug 27, 2014

I am making a Kannada Feature Film

Dear Friends

I am very happy to say I am part of making a Suspense Thriller film in Kannada. I have coScripted with Sreesha Belakvadi for the film. Sreesha has a penchant for film making, having made his own couple of short films that has even been screened in International festivals. 

Our first feature film is titled RADIO. 

Story is set in the '80s background. The film itself will have the tint to match the period.

Direction & Conceptualization : Sreesha Belakvadi
Associate Director and Co-Script: Suchin Asuri

Thanks and regards

Jan 25, 2014

Missionaries' Mission...

Graham Staines was in India, 'helping lepers', to serve his God. He got married, bore three children and the family were all missionaries. His children were studying, not in a government school, but in the best of schools in Ooty. Obviously he earned enough to put them in such a school. After he was murdered by tribals in Orissa, his wife apparently excused the murderers! And after 14 years, she is not even able to recognize the murderers who she had seen and forgiven. Whether this is noble or not, is not easy to judge. But the root cause of this crime was their own making.

Staines was a missionary from Australia. He came to India to serve lepers. He should have! He did. But he did not just serve lepers, he also converted them to Christianity. As always, a missionary will never serve without returns. Their aim is to convert by 'helping' by being 'compassionate.' They cannot disprove this.

If God wanted Staines to serve lepers and cure them, God would not ask Staines to do the marketing and selling for him. God is not a commodity for Hindus, but He is for Christians. They sell Him at street corners, door to door, hut to hut, to tribals....and just anywhere to anyone.

Coming back to Staines, what he did was a noble service, if it was restricted to serving the poor lepers. There were many ways of serving them, without having to even talk to them about Jesus. If you ask a missionary, they do not agree to this point. They say "It is Jesus who has asked us to serve the needy, and He has to be taken to them." So what is the process of serving? What is in it for the poor for getting 'served'? They must convert. Well there are innumerable facts on the web for you to understand this is their only way of serving. For example, Staines's first task was to establish connections in the tribal area, connect to people who he can influence. He then started learning local languages and dialects. He started translating Bible to local languages. Then when he had enough people convinced of his interest in 'serving', he worked his way to 'plant church' in the tribal areas. Ok!! So why was this needed? The church planting is most important process in establishing firm ground for conversions.

A christian would ask Hindus, to counter, why Hindus were not doing the same for the downtrodden? But why Hindus have to? Hindu is not a religion that requires advertising for heavens sake! Hindus need not convince or convert anyone! It is not a 'religion' like Christianity or Islam. Even the other two religions know this, and precisely why they have excellent advantage over the class/creed of people who do not have the official Hindu identity. And when one knows the Hindu principles, there is enough ways to serve humanity, but not by showcasing every act of 'service.'

I, in no way, justify the crime committed by the groups who killed Staines. Instead they should have had the leaders debate with Staines and disprove him on all grounds, at the Panchayat level or at the local courts. This is how a true Hindu would win over people intellectually. But, to put a stop to unmindful conversion techniques of Christians, I guess, the frustration would have built up over years and it reached a climax. Again, this way of punishment, was absolutely against Hindu dharma. I do not subscribe to the murder as verdict.

Whereas, the facts are there for all to see. Staines and his family DID conversion by different ways, one of the ways was by serving lepers. They planted churches. They were funded generously for the cause from inside and outside our country. They lived a luxurious life even though they pretended otherwise. The very monstrous establishments of Christians institutions will itself stay bare proof of their investments.

On the same site (as link above) they have written about an orthodox Shaivite Hindu who they say had a dream while sleeping in a temple, and he suddenly woke up to Jesus. They have the guts to say Chidambaram temple is not a holy place, and this man should not even stay there! So the man, happened to stand in front of a Church and Jesus took His 'final words' to him. He converted!

How do one counter the psychological conversion process by Christians? Educate people about their intentions. Make any pretext of 'serving' leading to conversion or even a process towards it, must call for a severe action against them. But then, the missionaries are trained by the Christian business developers to mask the secret efforts of conversion, to a voluntary act of the individual. The conversion as a process, if it was initiated with a 'service' or even inducing of any kind of lecture or propaganda of a faith, and a hidden message in it to influence ignorant 'believers' to disassociate from their own cult, tribe, religion or creed, then that is a good enough point where the laws against conversion can be applied.

Excerpts from the second link: 

//Chidambarm hadn't given anything to them because they were disappointed very much. People roughly behaved inside the temple and untidiness everywhere. He was so tired because of the journey; he took a short sleep near the wall inside the temple. 

While he was sleeping he had a Mysterious dream. In the dream, a man wearing a pure white coloured dress, beat him with a stick and said don't stay here. Get away from here; you're not permitted to stay here. This is not a holy place. You just to go to Tanjavur and you will find a true GOD. The dream shocked Vedamanickam and suddenly he awakened. Then they went to Tanjavur, where Vedamanickam's relatives resided. They reached Tanjavur on Saturday night.

he next day, Sunday, his relations went to church for a worship. They took Vedamanickam to the church along with them. But Vedamanickam and his nephew not entered into the church, on account of they still worn a brown coloured Hindu swamy dress. The church was led by Rev.J.C.Kohlhaff . During the meeting, Rev. Kohlhaff noticed that there was two men watched the church from outside and listened deeply what's going on there. Rev. Kohlhaff recognized they were eager to learn the true word of GOD.

Rev.Kohlhaff Preached "Come to JESUS, Come to JESUS, He is the only begotten son, He is the only savior of world, He is the true GOD. If you come under JESUS, you will find the peace forever". Those curious words touched their heart very deeply and they accepted JESUS as a savior at once. After the meeting was over, they met Rev. Kohlhaff to what they wanted to do. Rev. Kohlhaff guided them to stay there for a week to get a baptism and given it one week later. He Received JESUS.//

Receiving Jesus is as easy as that. A Hindu to even understand oneself will have to undergo several years of layers and layers of spiritual practice, whereas, the 'Jesus' commodity that Christians have created, will just walk in if one stands for a while in front of a Church!