Oct 7, 2008

Oct 7: Think it over

A three member commission to probe into 'attacks on churches in Karnataka' has reported, blaming the Karnataka government's inefficiency of handling the issue. This is just another Lalu Prasad's commission into Godhra train burning, and again Nanavati commission giving exactly opposite report to that of Lalu's. Bottom line: These are useless commissions. You just cannot trust anyone.

But the very UPA government at center has not so far bothered to send a fact finding team similar to the above, to probe into Swami Lakshmanand's brutal murder when the people on victim's side has claimed it was handiwork of militant groups of christians. What a double standard by UPA! Why wouldn't the christians be happy about all this? :D

It appears like every party, every organisation has narrow selfish intentions, protected interests in handling fundamentalism in India. I wonder why the UPA should spend our tax money in setting up a commission with the sole intention of finding out a perfect reason to blame the government of Karnataka, that is BJP. The buck actually stops there! The commission has nothing more. They did not spell out the permanent solution. They want it to continue and expand all over India so that it is easy for UPA to keep abusing BJP.

Muslims, Hindus and Christians of India must come together to debate on the issues that has burned India for centuries now. It is time we put a stop to all kinds of communal disturbances once for all. If these three religions are not trying to patch up, only politicians will benefit out of it putting each against the other.

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A discourse on the commissions of the present day.