Nov 24, 2014

Seeing it all the way....

Old history could not be recorded properly and so cannot be considered valid. We just have to believe certain history just because someone recorded it by writing, in those times.

And then came the revolution of print media, video, audio and biometric recording etc. Now you CAN make a hard proof of events. The facts of today, is a valid History of tomorrow.

But looking at it from a philosophical and spiritual view, it could also be true that the mankind learns from experiences. And so, the transformation of human beings from discovery of fire, to discovery of ways to set satellites on a planet, the maturity process was a destiny pre-defined for us humans. If seen holistically, this is how the growth would be. This is the only way the progress can happen and so, the pattern that evolves in years to come, also has a specific direction, that is Destiny.

Some can already see it, many may never!

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