Sep 19, 2008

Sept 19: Think it over...

At drop of hat, all Islamic and Christian missionary organisations call for ban on VHP and Sangh parivar. Now, the same groups have not even uttered a word on banning SIMI! Students of SIMI militant group are muslim 'students' whose parents are very Indian muslims! Now its time for these organisations to prove their patriotism!

psst...Jesus died on cross to "to save sinners" so that "whosever believes in him may not perish, but have everlasting life". Why not all the evangelists die on cross today to save the remaining sinners? I will start making coffins and wooden crosses right away!

If in Orissa and Mangalore, the missionaries and some priests were being killed in the riot, why didn't Jesus come to their rescue? Why couldn't even their own people save them? Oh Lord, thou aren't on the priests side!

Why do Islam and Christian missionary websites seem to literally "sell" their "religion" with such a hype like they are selling some product? Typically calling in 'Sales Boys and Girls' who become 'full time / part time employed' for 'selling Christian concepts' around the world! Are they afraid if they don't sell their 'companies' will have to starve without food and water?

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