Sep 24, 2008

Piece of my mind today

It pains to see my country being torn apart in many different directions, EVERYDAY.

How many ways?
-- Misinformation by most of the media, on most sensitive issues
-- Religious fanaticism, conversions
-- Separatists, naxals, ulfas, terrorists, militants
-- Economic divide (poor get poorer, rich gets richer)
-- State machinery mismanagement at the time of crisis
-- Politics, politicians, babus, lobbyists, businessmen, beneficiaries
-- Underworld, gangsters, thefts, murders, loots, arson
-- Pseudo social workers, pseudo secularists, pseudo soothsayers
-- Men & Women! dowry harassment, rape, molestation, child abuse, abortion, child marriage
-- many more negatives...


-- No other country has as many diversities as India
-- No other country has survived to being a growing economy despite foreign invasions and loot of wealth
-- No other country can boast of a very tolerant way of life like Hindu being a radiant light to many other countries directly and indirectly

Mulayam Singh Idiot demands ban on Bhajrang Dal!!. He woke up only after SIMI terrorists blasted bombs all over India. This spineless mullah has no guts to demand the same on SIMI! Not a word so far. How can the crime committed by SIMI anyway be compared to that of VHP and BD?

It takes a brave heart to understand convictions of Sangh parivar. An open mind, a deeper sense of patriotism if you have to understand them. Those who hate Sangh are mostly never ever worked with them or has nothing to do with them.

After having lived through several thousands of years of struggle against Muslim and Christian religious invasions in India, Hindus found it inevitable to defend itself by learning the skills of the enemy. What if there was no RSS? No VHP? No Bhajrang Dal? There would have been no one to question conversions, no one to stop mowing down temples to build mosques over them.

Just as much Muslims and Christians have their collective organised representatives, Hindus did require equally strong frontenders. Someone to represent the pride of Hindus. That explains, why those religions DO NOT like BD and VHP becoming stronger! Remove this representation and access Hindus easily to implement their venomous.. evil.. nefarious designs of conversions by breaking Hindus using the 'caste' tool.

It is the failure of successive governments in providing means of better life of the poorer sections of our country, but that is a boon for evangelism. In the name of 'upliftment of poor' the poor are gradually made to believe their life going to get better under the 'soft gentle loving hands' and thereby mark a cross over them. Job done. The count of 'conversion' is reported to their offices outside India.

It is a shame that the 'upper castes' has utterly misused the 'caste system' in Hindu 'religion' who wanted to dominate. I always believe that this section of people must be corrected. They must be made to accept their crime in the court of Hindu law. No wonder the 'upper castes' are getting back the same treatment in the same coin, after this many years. But the numbers are few. Generations after generations, the Hindus have learnt that the caste system is a bane to our society. It has lead to discrimination, inhumane treatment of fellow human beings.

And so I believe, the governments that has left the poor to live their own life their own way, has as one of their agenda, probably a conspiracy through evangelists to earn dollar commissions. Why wouldn't the missionaries be happy if the local administration help them in conversion or at least not stop them from? But would any of our government vultures do anything for free? So they join the conversion ceremonies, show their 'secular colour' to be in good books.

You can hate the Sangh parivar for their frontenders being the 'militant' Hindus. But why in the first place Hindus who lived with such nobility and simplicity for over ten thousands of years, without ever converting anyone rather invite other religions to settle down in our land (they never knew intentions of the missionaries) had to take a stance like this? What got them into it? Why the Sangh thought it was necessary to save Hindus from being misused by others? There must have been a reason. Judging them from one's drawing rooms is the most coward thing to do. There is absolutely NO caste discrimination in the Sangh. If you don't know this truth, just dont try to have your last say on it.

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