Sep 26, 2008

Sept 24: Think it over...

Top Secret
"Those that shall deliver..."
Conversions by foreign evangelists in India.
Reported, surprisingly, by Tehelka!
And the
"Operation World"'s
Prayer for the World

The unfinished challenge: (do you need more proof of intention to convert?)

a) The forward (high) castes, such as the Brahmin and Korono, have never been confronted with the claims of Christ.

b) There are many areas with very few Christians. The six eastern and 13 western districts are less than 1% Christian. Of the 1,111 pincode areas, 56% had no resident Christian workers in 1998.

c) The tribals. Of the 62 groups, 20 are less than 0.1% Christian and 42 are less than 1% Christian. Pray specifically for a breakthrough among the Bhathudi, Bhuiya, Bhumiji, Gond, Kolho, Paraja, Santal, Siyal and Koya.

The ministry of the Bible. A good new Oriya Bible was published in 1998. Yet illiteracy is high – 51% of the population, 70% of the Dalit and tribes, and 89% of women cannot read. Pray for effective use of Scripture cassettes and other audio-visual means of communicating the gospel.

Report submitted by the three-member commission under National Commission for Minorities has held the government of Karnataka responsible for inaction and allowing violence against Christians go out of hands.

"We have done our job and it is now for the Centre to take action or ask the state government to catch the culprits and put them behind bars." Harcharan Singh Josh, one of the members of the commission has said.

When cowards run the State, the nation bleeds : Tarun Vijay
"The first to protect the church should be a Hindu like the first to protect a swami should be a Christian.
That's where the nation gets life

Why hasn't the central government made any attempt to send a fact finding team, similar to the above one, to probe into Swami Lakshmanand's brutal murder so far? Are the commissions only for the minority protection? Why there was never a probe into murder of the RSS leader Mr Chittaranjan of Bhatkal by muslims (he was shot in the morning at a point blank range by a muslim, in his house)? Why there was absolutely no cry by the media as much as they have done with Church demolitions? Why when such attrocities happen to Hindus, no one bothers? Especially when the Congress is in ruling at the center.

When churches get burnt/demolished you wont find muslims voicing out their protest in support of christians. When there were blasts all over India, none of them condemned it (muslims anyway could not!) They all apparently want to get mileage out of such incidents so that the world blames a particular community the other usually considered 'victims'.

Ram Madhav's insight into What led to Kandhamal violence

Let every religion enjoy complete religious freedom to preach, practice and propagate. But as our apex court categorically stated, 'Propagate' does not and should not include 'Conversion'.

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