Sep 29, 2008

Scales 1

Some Karsevaks had altercations with a tea shopwallah on the railway station. Some other misbehaved with a muslim girl. This lead to burning of the sabarmathi train in Godhra by muslims. But MUSLIMS who reacted to the incident ARE NOT BRANDED AS COMMUNALS.
56 other innocent karsevaks inside the train were locked up and burnt by angry muslim mobs as a retaliation against misbehaviour of certain karsevaks (at least karsevaks did not kill anyone in that first incidence.) To which Hindus immediately retaliated furiously all over Gujarat. When Hindus retaliate, it's COMMUNAL.
Christian evengelists intend to convert the 'downtrodden' all over the world. They have the history of butchering people who did not oblige. Goa is an example. Even after proven intentions of their conversions, they are not termed COMMUNAL.

Hindus try to prevent evangelists from 'harvesting souls' at prayer halls being conducted without proper authorisation. When they wont listen, Hindus have taken to vandalising the prayer halls, which is of course was not called for. But the very motive of evangelists ARE NOT TO BE QUESTIONED! If you do, then you are COMMUNAL.

Hindus have NEVER EVER demanded any other religion to convert at gunpoint or with swords or even by brain washing. There is no such history to Hindus. Whereas, it is known from world history that both Christians and Muslims started their invasion into land of 'Satans' and 'Kaafirs' barbarically (which they conveniently claim to have been a forgotten history to save their backs) and created fear in people to convert. But probably only in India, only the Congress and its blood brothers just cannot brand the barbarism as COMMUNAL. Having been peaceful for thousands of years, having been raped and looted and converted, Hindus had not reacted in the history. Their patience is still being tested. And yet, Hindus are COMMUNAL. Who is persisting on branding them so? The Congress + BloodBrothers. By way of banning Sangh parivar including calling BJP "communal" it is politically advantageous for the Congress to hold onto the power. Congress has lost points in countering the Sangh (even Modi's efficiency of governance.) Only way they can handle this is with the 'Communal' Card.

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Balaji S Rajan said...


We have plenty of idiots as Politicians and they do all gimmicks for their existence. Literacy and good thoughts will make everyone alright and if people turn against them they will not be able to wag their tails and play the same cards. That is the major difference in Western Countries. There is no mob and nobody dances to the tunes of Politicians. A day will come. Probably we may not be alive to see that.