Dec 1, 2008

Terrorism and Politics in India: This game should END.

Thoughts that arise in my mind during and post Mumbai terror episode:
  • If the terrorists claimed, as per the news, that they were aiming only at the foreign nationals especially Jews and Americans, and if they were planning to blow up the Taj hotel and wanted to kill at least 5000 people... First of all, if only certain people were their target, how on earth they expect those people in 5000 numbers in a place? Why should the terrorists track them in India and kill them? I think there's some irresponsible reporting. They were probably too impulsive in giving such report.
  • Why only Taj hotel was so important for the terrorists's attack? Did Dawood have some business to settle with some Mumbai minister/s who has close links with him? And Taj would have probably been their settling point.
  • How is it that the Congress government both at center and State never bothered to take serious action despite warnings from intelligence agencies and even the fishermen? There must be a reason for them not acting on the D-gang. If it finally proves to be linking to him. But on the other hand, this scale of terror and planning cannot be done by Dawood team. It can only be done at the behest of Pakistan army.
  • Why is it the media obsessed against Modi, did not talk about Modi's immediate gesture of supporting, by sending police forces or whatever, Maharashtra government to handle the situation (while no other States have even mentioned such offer?) But, quite obviously, NDTV flashed continously for more than an hour at the bottom of the screen, that wife of killed ATS chief Hemanth Karkare, rejected Modi's offer of Rs 1 Crore to the family. I am sure Modi wouldn't mind if she rejects, for his intention to offer it, even when Sangh pulled up Karkare for brutal torture of Sadhvi in Malegaon case, came as a gesture in awarding Karkare for his brave act against terrorists.
  • Islamic terrorists can even wear thilak (~vermillon) and Hindu sacred beads around their wrists to pass off as Hindus, into an attack, even while just recently, Malaysian muslim heads issued fatwa to all Malaysian muslims to not to practice Yoga since its against their religion! This is by Islam applicable to Indian muslims too! Doesn't it? But the media does not make this a serious issue and relate to a possibility of the same being a modus operandi in many other cases in India. It doesn't really matter if Muslims follow Yoga or not, but it gives an insight to understand the muslim mindset. Hindus were blamed by the media for series of blasts in Churches in Karnataka, Hyderabad and other cities across India, to create hatred between Christians and Hindus. Finally, eleven Muslims were found to be actually behind it and were issued life sentence by the court. A very clear case that can be referred to in Godhra train burning and aftermath. Now will the same media take their words back to show their integrity?
  • Narendra Modi's visit to the place was termed as political gimmick by all the media (even the reporter at the spot have their last say!) But the same media did not give any importance to Modi's immediate announcement of any logical support to Maharashtra government. Modi announced this before he awarded the compensations. Which other State did even do that? How come the very CM of Maharashtra did not bother to think of those commandos' lives? Why is both media and the Congress party quickly get alterted over anything BJP or Sangh does. If I wish I could have done something to the victims of terrorism in Mumbai, sitting in Bangalore as a common man, any patriotic Indian feels the same. So why can't you expect Modi's reaction to the incidence? He has even better ways to help the victims and State government. He does not, absolutely, require any mileage out of this, simply because, over three consecutive elections he has been brought back as CM, unanimously by the very people of Gujarat. He does not have to prove anymore to anybody, because even when entire media and politics was against him, he has succeeded in Gujarat to an extent which has defined a realistic approach for other CMs across the country. He did not even bother to go to the media, rather media closed in on him to make him talk. Not even one Modi can change prospects of BJP in other States where elections are soon due.
  • What would have happened if BJP was ruling at Center and Maharashtra? Congress would have demanded BJP ministers' heads be chopped off (to that extent!!) They would have added another form of terror, by their party goondas, across BJP ruled States to demand resignation of all CMs. The spineless/remorseless Jayanthi Natarajan and Kapil Sibal would have been on all the TV channels spewing venom on LK Advani. They would have pulled up years of history of RSS and would have cleverly connected them, someway or other to various terrorists activities (lucky them since Indians have short-time memory) of muslims, to the RSS. There would have been PILs raised against BJP governments by now. Forgetting to admire the bravery of these very commandos or sending condolences to their families, Congress would have already started to fight their elections! Afterall, whatever Congress does must one way or other reap financial/power-control benefits to the party. Otherwise, you will never see them in that place. They would have called bundh in almost all the States to protest against the BJP governance. But I do wish when BJP comes to power, this kind of incidence never happen again. They must, true to their patriotism, find a permanent solution to Islamic onslaught on India. I also believe, they will.
  • Why entire India and particularly the Indian media woke up to this degree only after Mumbai terror? How many such incidents have already gone by. How many years since Muslim terrorism has been going on such that it has come to be a common happening across India. No one ever bothered much about those.
  • I hated so much when across the news, the titles beamed "India's 9/11?"! This is effing madness!! Don't we ever learn to stop this 'equating-with-US' slavery mindset, with every damn thing happening in India? In what way this Mumbai incidence anyway closer to 9/11? How can there be any comparison?! India Media has become slave to anything American! Go check their tongue, you will find them brown.
  • In a way, we have shown our vulnerable defense to the whole world. Though this is something our politicians/governments should take very seriously, it should be considered as a input to work on to build a system that can prevent any kind of attack on our country. It cannot be done by/with Congressmen. Throw them out to skinny dogs and let the patriotic youth and true Indian politicians worth this soil take up the responsibility. I do not mind contributing to whatever is possible.
  • However, this episode, is the last nail in Congress coffin. Either they stop the Nehru's legacy of protecting (terrorist) muslims within and outside India (including Pakistan and Bangladesh) or they just vanish into oblivion.
  • Why BJP should not deserve credit for insisting POTA like stringent anti-terrorism law in India? After all, today, Congress had no other choice but to bring back the NDA government suggested federal agency (FIA) to deal with terrorism. Shame on Congress for denying an equivalent of POTA just to oppose BJP. The cost paid now is too heavy.
  • Journalist and Film Maker, Gnani Sankaran has written on his website: "The only relief in the three day coverage was all the anchors and reporters did NOT say Islamic or muslim terrorists anymore though they knew that the terrorists were muslims sent from Pakistan. Must be thanks to Malegaon. " Absolutely right Sankaran.

    "Yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya glaanirbhavathi bhaaratha
    abhyuddhaanam adharmasya thadhaatmaanam shrujaamyaham
    parithraaNaaya saadhoonaam vinaashaayacha dushkruthaam
    dharmasamsthaapanaarthaaya sambhavaami yugae yugae|"

    Lord Krishna says, whenever there is uproot of Dharma (righteousness) I will reincarnate again and again to establish normalcy.

    Something more to read: The Wall Street Journal said in a stinging commentary. "The country's anti-terrorism effort is reactive and episodic rather than proactive and sustained. Its public discourse on Islam oscillates between crude, anti-Muslim bigotry and mindless sympathy for largely unjustified Muslim grievance-mongering. Its failure to either charm or cow its Islamist friendly neighbours -- Pakistan and Bangladesh -- reveals a limited grasp of statecraft..." (reported in! This channel is known to be consisting of one bunch of Sangh haters, to the core.)
    A different view point (than mine) of understanding status of muslims in India and its repercussions on Indian terrorism. Read this blog:

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