Dec 3, 2008

Strong eGovernance for better India

Our BPOs, IT companies, ITES all work for developed countries. Today if we can boast about IT talent in the country it is because of those companies which brought such projects into India. But did they do it for betterment of India? I never believe they ever did for that reason. Every businessmen looks only for an opportunity to make money for himself or for his shareholders. When money matters, everything else becomes secondary.

On the other hand, our governments, until recently, were in no seriousness to utilise our robust IT human resource for bettering life of our rural India and the people in below-poverty-line. I happened to learn from a senior consultant who works with central government of India, that the quality of work and honest determination in implementing a strong eGovernance is being done in Gujarat. Someday this will, breaking all fliters in news media, be there in the news all over the world. The central government has allocated more than 1000 crores funds for eGov across India. But the poor management and vision of the State governments are hindrance to the progress of this.

I myself have passionately worked for a eGov project in Andhra. Working as a project manager and business analyst for this project, has given me the ultimate satisfaction than any of my previous projects. Mainly because, the rural India which has very hight potential to change life in India has remained untapped, which could have been well utilised an opportunity. There are immense amount of possibilities in this area of eGov.

Why shouldnt it become compulsory for graduating medical doctors to serve in rural areas? Why are they given an option? You will never find rich graduates working in such conditions.

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