Dec 9, 2008

Dec 9: Think it over...

Hinduism exists only, mainly, in India and in some Asian countries in lesser numbers. Hindu originated in India. Whereas Islam and Christianity are global religions. With due credits, in whatever ways and means it did, we must appreciate its acceptance in majority of the world's population. But in India, Hindus, being a minority in the world, have to put up with its survival, against the global religions. There are many other minority religions in the world which would have faced the same problem.

In what way both Islam and Christianity justify in crushing other minor religions that has its origin many thousands of years before birth of these two religions?

Their barbaric action tells the attitude of their religion mindset that they just do not, with or without reason, accept any other concept of God. It is not about their God, but its the people who are yet to understand the creation of Universe are made to believe that they are even superior than other 'Gods' (than theirs) and has every right to kill or convert people who do not accept their God as only God.

One day there will be someone who brings enlightenment to these midgets and then it will dawn upon them that afterall Mohammed (whose camel skin slippers and overcoats are there for you to see) and Jesus (his 'footprints' are in Kashmir!) were human beings like us, much much way inferior to God, but with, maybe a little more Godly sense than rest of human beings. As Hinduism puts it, they are only Avataars but not Gods themselves. For if they were, then He would have written in their holy books, how exactly he created Air, Fire and Water in the first place out of vaccum!

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