Dec 3, 2008

26 Nov is equal to 9/11?!

I am wondering why Mumbai terror on 26/11 is equated with 9/11!!?? In what way it is comparable? I understand the mind of the media which has whole'y and soul'ey given in to the foreign media. Everything every item that we see on TV ads or news today are replica of their counterparts either in UK, US or Australia. Another slavery mindset of our media in imitating the Whites because we all are made to believe they masters in the world. Why isnt the same media copying, say, Africa? :D

Have you ever seen the symbolic candle lighting after some calamity in India? It started only after 9/11 in US. They did it as a symbol to protest. We simply started doing the same at every incidence. If they did something else tomorrow, we do it immediately and thereafter till again it changes. I wonder, how candle lighting will change anything in action in India? Even if 100s of Lakhs of people do it across India for a day, nothing will change. It will not turn into a logical action against terrorism. Or even writing placards and protesting in groups does nothing. In India, only a consorted, synergised action force with a logical conclusion of the process, will work.

Entire India must synergise. Put all its thinking in one direction.
I have found our Indian Investigative agencies have been impulsive. Going by how the reports are coming in soon after 26/11, it doesn't sound like these agencies are giving out the FACTS that they claim to have had much before the attack. The 'proofs' that are being produced now are those that are grabbed after the episode. I somehow am not yet convinced with the confidence of these agencies at this point.

If those 'proofs' are hard indisputable ones then India must not just exchange it as another bilateral document with Pak. It must be made at a level of issuing a call for war if Pakistan fails to counter our claims. Otherwise, this time's exercise will go futile as all previous ones.

What if these proofs turn out to be true? Will India make a war? Will India strike at Pak? I bet it wont. Not as long as Congress is at the Center. Just wondering if congressmen have the nerve to!


Tintin said...

Well It will much helpful if Indian government can imitate and follow steps to secure India and its states.

Karthik said...

Hi Suchin,

Thats a good one. We are highly fascinated by the west that we try to ape them at the cost of losing our originality.