Nov 13, 2007

Understanding Modern and Abstract art

I hadn't even given a second look at those. It was painful to me to gather up all my intuitions, imaginations, logics to understand the artist's mind. Nothing in the real world I could relate to. I know this is the same for many others. How many times we would have wanted the artist to explain us what he painted?

But thinking of it, if the art was straight forward, a scenery or a building, would we really bother to study more on the painting? I doubt we would. Many a time, I have thought, the artist could rather just take a photograph of what he has painted, from the real world instead of studiously painting it!! Guess it doesn't work that way. There is more to it.

To a person with no artistic intellect, like me, these abstract art would just turn some remote senses wild and restless...... wait.... restless? wild? ....yeah sometimes ... indifferent too... or may sometimes mind goes blank unable to understand what my eyes are looking at ...makes me feel stupid..."Why am I wasting time trying to figure out what's in it?"

I didn't, till now, know that these arts were meant to make us feel that way!!!!!!! Trying to touch our unknown senses. Not till we try to recognize that feeling and decipher it gradually. Takes time heh? It sure does. Let it. If not, why would the artist spend maybe weeks together to paint such a painting?

Read this info from one such artist, Lynne Taetzsch, who can tell us how to look at an Abstract Art. Its definitely worth a peek at Lynne's art Blog.

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Rama Iyer said...

Well, I am always under the impression that modern art is something for us to decipher and interpret the way we see it, unless there is a note or a label to such art. Some are ofcourse breathtaking while others do not attract much attention.