Nov 2, 2007

Center seeks RSS intervention (help)

Times Now reported on the TV and its internet version that "Centre seeks RSS help." But the way such news gets reported is to be observed...(this is from the internet version dated 2nd Nov 2007 6:24:46 PM)

"TIMES NOW has accessed a letter written by a senior Archaeological Survey of India official to RSS national President K S Sudarshan calling upon him to put a stop to illegal mining activity in a few districts of Madhya Pradesh."

Doesn't it sound like ASI thinks RSS is involved in someway with the illegal mining activity? Watch the words the media uses.... and the ignorants always see what they like to see.

On the TV they clearly reported as "Centre seeks RSS intervene in stopping illegal mining activity....". ASI has sought help from RSS. But the news as reported can create wrong information to a careless reader.

This is not one piece of article, you get to read it everyday on everything RSS or the Sangh parivar does. So, if you are NOT part of sangh in anyway, I suggest you should know Sangh from inside not from the sections of communist leanings.

RSS is the only organisation which knows nothing about Castes. I have been associated with RSS activies since my childhood days (though I have lost touch with them now) but growing up with hundreds of swayamsevaks of all ages, none of us ever talked about castes or subcastes, untouchables, low of other religions.....or anything that the outside world imagines RSS to be. I have seen Pracharaks visiting villages of all sorts of people and sharing food with them. When there is a RSS gathering in lakhs, no one ever bothers to know what part of Hindu society one is from. We only know we are children of this great motherland, we love our people whoever it is.

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Kumar said...

Hindus with self respect.
Why everyone is behind Narendra Modi, Is it just because he is a Hindu leader who showed the world that Hindus are not sleeping cubs they are ready to sacrifice for their self respect, they are moderate and secular but don't insult their tolerance, dont' ever think that secularism is not just for majority but for minorities also. I was just thinking if organizations like RSS or VHP were not there in India, then imagine the state of Hindus in their own Mother Land.