Nov 25, 2007

Target: Hindu

Targeting Hindus had started several centuries ago. Despite this psychological illegal attempts to disseminate Hindu, it has not been possible for any of them to do so. It is a natural character of Hindu to revive and protect itself in various forms from any kind of onslaughts.

In 1871, the Anglican diocese in Georgetown gave this explanation of the difficulty in converting the Indian population:

"He (the Indian) has more pride of race; he has a keener intellect and has that pride of country and of race which prevents him from becoming a convert to any of the new doctrines preached to him."

[Asian’s youth are feeling the consequences of today’s globalised world, they are in the midst of an identity crises and they risk becoming slaves to materialism and a system where values have been overturned; it is the Churches duty to help them understand the meaning of Christ’s Sacrifice and Resurrection, this discovery alone can give true meaning to their lives. This is the content of an interview given to AsiaNews by Fr. VM Thomas, Executive Director, Don Bosco Institute DBI, in the north eastern state of Guwahati....... The article continues to say "He invites the Church to rapidly intervene: we need to be Christ to today’s youth; only by encountering Him can their lives be filled with purpose."

Read about the clear intentions of the Vatican Pope in his message for the 2007 World Mission Day

[Thirdly, the Pope stressed that the mission cannot be reduced to some kind of humanitarian voluntary service or social work. Often the fight against hunger and injustice overshadows the task of proclaiming Christ and the specifically Christian quality of the missionary service, sometimes done in the name of a given religious relativism based on the view that “after all, all religions are the same.”

By contrast, for the Pontiff proclaiming Christ must be done to all men of religion to fulfill their quest and to every man so that his culture and life may be purified and improved.]

But further down the links, I find this in contrast to the Pope's message:

“belief and freedom always go together. There can be no coercion in religion: no one can be forced to believe, neither can anyone who wishes to believe be prevented from doing so”. In this light the message recalls the words of Benedict XVI to a group of ambassadors, including the Indian ambassador:… “Peace is rooted in respect for religious freedom, which is a fundamental and primordial aspect of the freedom of conscience of individuals and of the freedom of peoples” (18 May 2006).

One in million reading I picked to look up what other religions think about Hindu. It is not surprising to believe that Hindu is a easy target basically because it doesn't have a supreme spiritual leader like other religions. There is no Religious single single Book that clearly defines Hinduism. Some think Hinduism contradicts itself and people who follow this 'religion' believe in false Gods!

But what would have made this 'religion' as strong as how this Anglican diocese thinks? Why is it difficult for other religions to kill Hinduism? Why there is relentless effort to convert Hindus to either Christians or Muslims? Why isnt Buddhism or Jainism a target? What are these large religions of the world afraid of about Hindu?

We should also know, that there are hidden agendas in pushing 'Liberal' culture into India in more ways than one. Say a day like 'Valentines Day' is a social attack on a culture. This is a soft attack on the mindset of the young who do not see the hidden agendas.

Couple of years ago I happened to watch a program which was half way probably, on Discovery Channel. They show a white man with a Indian guy with him going to a village and meeting a old man there. No formal introductions, but he drives straight to the point (translated to local language with help of the Indian friend) that the old man (wearing thick glasses) can start to see the world clearly if this white man 'requests' Jesus to 'help' him out. I got curious naturally. I knew where he was getting at. It didn't take me much to realize the usual game of playing on the minds of the innocents is the trick done only by the missionaries but none other. To my surprise, to prove the old man (I am sure he wasn't even getting any point the white was making) grabbed two handful of mud from the ground and slowly dropped it over his own closed eyes. When done, he softly rubbed it on his eyes without hurting. He opens his eyes and looks at the old man...jumps and acts crazyily happy about being able to see more....and asks the old man to do the same. Old man is made to repeat this act without thick glasses. At the end, there is no reaction as I see from the old man...he just stands with no expression (I could imagine his mind was just blank.) This white screams Lord! Thanks him for giving eyes to the old man. Hugs the old man and tells him, if he believes in Jesus as the only Lord, he will be able to get more from Him. At this point, I was very clear what it was all about. I pitied our innocent villagers living in this condition since many thousands of years...being victims of spiritual invasions... even before they realize they would have already been converted!!! And the count of converts sent to Vatican City :) Great!

Let me say this before I have something to ask:

--Hindus do not convert.
--Hindus believe in worshipping the Almighty in any form, in any ritual, in any order, in any practice chosen by an long as they believe God is One.
--Hindus do not even have the concept of Conversion, simply because they believe all God is the same and so respects all other religions and spiritual viewpoints.
--Hindus do not claim as the Supreme religion on this earth.
--Even those who, as Chritianity or Islam claims, have no Gods (worshipping trees/rocks) are also Hindus as per its concept.

[I certainly should add this link for anyone who would want to understand the term Hindu from someone I greatly admire for his talent in presenting FACTS convincingly with very practical analysis. Please read "The Hindu Concept of God" by Mr. Gurudev (that's his name not as he is addressed :D)]

If this is what a Hindu is, then why don't the Christians and Muslims let them have their way of worship as it is? If God were to have given them only Jesus as saviour or Mohammad as their prophet, God would never have created a WAY OF LIFE called Hindu in India.

Just leave Hindus to their own practices and beliefs. If the Missionaries intend to Serve the Humans in various ways, DO IT WITHOUT CONVERTING THEM. Do your work of humanity, without advertising about Jesus. Never even talk about your Faith and Belief to a human suffering from a disease or poverty or whatever. He doesn't need your God, he just needs a LIFE to live.

Even after centuries, Indian Life has been Hindu life...without compromising on its deep rooted concept of Humanism. If any other religion tries to ignore this fact and try to put down the values of Hindu, is only showing off its ignorance of Mind of God. Going by that, their God will bring sense to them before they go too far.

It's not easy to understand the Hindu philosophy. It takes one to undergo half of his life to even understand the vastness of this faith. So, just leave Hindus alone. There need to be no more FACTS to prove to the world that these missionaries from Christianity and Islam are out here only with the hidden intention of CONVERTING people with their psychological methods that comfortably escapes any clauses under the Indian Law.

I read this after I posted this message above. Read more here:

"Of the 700,000 villages across India, only about 65,000 have a Christian church. We believe that every unreached village has the right to a church that proclaims the good news of the gospel until Jesus returns. Our vision is to see a living church planted in every one of the remaining 635,000 villages"

I am wondering. What if these very God's messengers gets beaten up in the village for CONVERTING the villagers? What are the course of events that follow?

** The gang that beat them are Hindu extremists...obviously from RSS, Bhajrang Dal
** The missionaries' religious freedom was thwarted by RSS
** RSS 'falsely' blames these missionaries to have been converting the villagers
** RSS must be banned. The culprits must be jailed.
** The missionarie's work is purely in helping the downtrodden, educating the poor, giving them good pure water, school, clothes, food....!! ...!!!

The local government will only protect Christians. The root cause and facts never ever gets verified.
What a way to escape the law!


CMP Calcutta said...

This is the content of an interview given to AsiaNews by Fr. VM Thomas, Executive Director, Don Bosco Institute DBI, in the north western state of Guwahati.......
CM Paul Kolkata

Suchin said...

I stand corrected Paul. Thanks