Nov 2, 2007

ONLY the aftermath of Godhra....

The Indian citizens are supposed to know ONLY the aftermath of Godhra incidence of burning 1000s of children and women pilgrims.

You are NOT supposed to question anything about the people who burnt the train!!

You must NOT bother about who were behind the burning!

What happened to the culprits? DO NOT ASK

Are you done? Ok. Go and read ONLY about what happened next.

Even if YOU were a victim in this carnage, if your brother or sister or daughter got burnt in the train, do not get enraged. Be calm. Take it cool. Because the killers are noble people! Pardon them.

But DO NOT dare to ask justice!

Let the killers live in peace for Peace Be With Allah!

This link is added here on Nov 12, 2007
CPM General Secretary Prakash Karat explains "What really happened in Nandigram"!!
He cleverly tries to insulates his government's (mis)rule from the incident. But his party has never allowed BJP or Sangh or even the Courts to explain the Godhra. They never even tried to get CBI to inquire about the actual culprits. Lots has been blamed on Sangh Parivar, before the verdict.

Even the biased BBC reports "The train was allegedly attacked by a Muslim mob in Godhra, killing 58 Hindu pilgrims returning from Ayodhya." Simply because that IS the fact.

The gossips and stories (mind you, not the FACTS) goes on to say that some "VHP" or "Bhajrang dal" volunteers were not ready to pay at a railway station tea stall which resulted in argument and calling names and soon the volunteers started shouting slogans against muslims. That enraged muslims who quickly organised at the next station and burnt two bogies.

But its perfectly alright for muslims to take law into their hands against "abuse" by the hindus. They are within their Shariat Law to BURN unarmed, innocent Hindus. Even the Law of the Land should excuse their crime.

Today NO ONE questions Muslim culprits. People who ask for heads of Sangh Parivar over this issue is NOT asking Modi to probe into the root cause of the violence. Center does not bother to hold a CBI enquiry into where it all started. Some years ago, what was made to believe by all news media about hate crime abetted by "sangh parivar" in South India, was later traced by police to an Islamic student outfit called "Anjuman" (linked from a Muslim webpage.) Have you heard about them again? They are cleverly protected by the same media. No one bothered to confess and ask Sangh to pardon them for wrongly abusing RSS and the outfits for no crime of theirs. DO NOT try to remember this because you are NOT supposed to talk good about RSS.

God Save India. But I do hope that ONLY truth prevails.

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