Aug 25, 2008

Conversion starts this way...

(Added Sept 7th: Time to tell the truth behind conversions: By Rev Valson Thampu
"It is only too obvious, therefore, that the challenge of conversion can be met only by addressing
the plague of poverty")

I have nothing against Christianity, but I do not tolerate any kind of their deceitful evangelism and thereby conversion from other religions to Christianity, in India, especially with the innocents and illiterates.

Abuse a religion, highlight 'negatives' of a religion and show your 'positive solutions', dare to stand in front of a temple and distribute pamphlets that says 'Christ is the saviour', do your bit of religious talk to pull in some listeners (yeah listening to us is good enough for a start,) keep saying and posting banners around that 'Jesus arrives'....are the initial methods of religious propaganda to convert the minds of non-christians (in other words Satans, because they believe in 'false Gods.')

If I were born to christian parents, and if I was a fanatic, I would have done the above to obey my God's words. Because I would have been made to believe that Jesus wants whole world to believe there is ONLY him. There can be no other God, no other belief, no other religion, no other Saviour, no other culture..... it can ONLY be Jesus. Period.

So half dozen evangelists, who for all good purposes haven't changed their original Hindu names (sic!) have done exactly the propaganda that happens everyday everywhere in the world where Christians believe Satans live. It happens everyday in India, in Bangalore too. But only this time, I am yet to believe the news paper dared to put it as news. Read what happened next.

Well, what if me, a Hindu, do exactly the same in front of a Church? or Mosque? I distribute pamphlets of Brahma Vishnu Maheswara. Proclaim 'There is ONLY ONE God Brahma. And He is the ONLY ONE to save you. He comes to YOU NOW!' Just imagine what would happen if I stand with a group in front of a church and pull out people talk to them about Hindu Gods. What reactions do you expect from those christians or muslims? I know for sure, if its a mosque, my group will be beaten beyond recognition even before police 'conveniently' arrives. If its a church, they just don't care and walk away, stuffing some 'Jesus Saves You' pamphlets into our hands. They don't argue (cuz they know they can't beyond a point.) One may even come closer and mark a cross over your heart and murmur "Let Jesus forgive you" !!

Why should these religious beggars seek conversion as alms? Why the innocent children from all over the world, who would have lost their parents in so many ways, become 'victims' of this conversion? Why the fanatic religions take it up as their birth right, even before the respective governments entrusts agencies to make safe arrangements to those children, to snatch them and baptise them? Do the children know what is being done to them? Do they understand anything about religion?

Even in America where one of the Christian denominations, the Baptists feel they must convert America to completely christian by 2020! So this video is one of their techniques to brainwash people into whatever or whoever they believe is God.
This is called "Intentional Evangelism" and they have absolutely no shame in carrying out this kind of technique. Watch it :) Video

This broadly planned technique of conversion of minds to believe that one's religion is 'not worth' before the ONLY God that the evangelists profess, starts this way. We friends, while living in an apartment in California, had some 4-5 women knocking on our door. They entered our apartment complex unsolicited. These american whites appeared to be doing some sales, initially, but soon we realized what they were selling when they asked us to attend sunday mass at the nearby church. They did not give up even after we told them clearly we were Hindus. We had to ask them to get out of the apartment. While leaving, they sure gestured a cross on our heads, apparently, asking their God to forgive us! The history of this conversion goes back to 17th and 18th century, when the christian missionaries from Europe and specifically Britain were brought into India for this very purpose.

Let you hear from the very horse mouth. Let you know what methods to use for converting non-christians to christianity :) "We want non-christians to choose out of their free will to accept Jesus Christ as the Kings of kings and Lord of lords. It is important to find good strategies to get the maximum result, to convert as many people as possible to Christianity"

How to convert Indians in America (Hindus to Christians) : Learn these Steps in Church Planting by Rajendra Pillai : Also on his page : Curry Lovers among us. This Indian guy still has Hindu name but is a preacher at some Church in Pittsburg, USA. So Indians in America take a close look at this idiot's face in the site, and kick his butt if he 'befriends' you.


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5. Inviting evangelists and funds to plant Churches in Orissa
(This evangelism site reveals clearly the intentions of this Christian denomination to convert
Orissa tribals by planting Churches in every village. "We believe Orissa will be transformed
through intensive prayer. Prayer is a must if we want to see God in action in Orissa.")

6. "A very populous nation, India offers multiple opportunities for a good harvest. Many graduates of SOEs are laboring across this great land, often in very hostile environments."

7. The strategy of Portable Bible Schools
"ENQUIRE....The region is surveyed, and teams search out the spiritual condition of the area, gathering relevant statistics. Prayer is conducted in the villages, which are placed on a map to be targeted."

8. Page 12: – Congregations – TO DISCIPLE NEW BELIEVERS>This is an ongoing ministry hence the Big Brother/Sister would keep befriending the new believer as long as he/she needs special attention. When they see that a solid integration has been made, they can consider their assignment completed. The past weeks of friendship will never be forgotten by either of them, but the need for Big Brother’s or Big Sister’s involve­ment is ended and he/she can thank God for a precious experience which was for them a growing time". "With the experience of first love, a Christian begins his spiritual walk. The devil is not happy with losing his hold on the redeemed that was once his slave. He knows how to use greed, shame, pride, doubt to torment young believers. So he tempts, beguiles, and does his best to drag down the young child of God. Falling brings sorrow. Here, help can come from the indwell­ing Holy Spirit, from the use of the Word, from caring prayers and guid­ance of mature Christians, or from a bit of counsel by a pastor or an elder."

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Uma said...

It is very difficult to change such things because the mindset of people has never changed. On the whole people in India still are hypocrites, when they want to they show that they are very broad minded but when it comes to such situations they are absolutely backward in their thinking.

And this is not helped by the fact that most of the positions in local administration (Police, IAS, government posts etc) are filled by people from backward class, christians, muslims) due to quota or whatever they are calling it now. It is a vicious cirlce, we keep wondering if it will change with our generation, or maybe the next, or the next, maybe we will have to keep wondering............