Mar 13, 2008

Now they convert areas too!

This man in Video claims, the layout in Bangalore, that was once known as "Cauvery Layout" has been forcibly changed to "St Antony Layout" by Christians who are the majority in the adjacent colony. Even a nearby hillock been illegally occupied by them and a wall has been constructed since. He shows that they have erected Crosses at every street corner. Well, This is a public place. Imagine the freedom that these groups enjoy under some governments and local authorities!

This could be a fact or his misunderstanding. But it is not surprising what we Bangaloreans know from similar cases around Bangalore (Ex: Shilube Betta.)

Check out and assess it yourself. (Excuse his english. Get to know the content.) Someone living near or having access to this area may have more of the facts. Whatever be the case, why those crosses are on the streets? Where did St Antony come from? Was a portion on hillock originally owned by a Jain? What happened to him? What is the interest of these christians to install Crosses all around (see second video. Their intentions can't be more obvious than this) the Hindu majority area? Similarly "Omkaar Hills" near Rajajarajeshwari nagar has run into controversies over the ownership of the land. Here too, I heard, Christian groups have started to play politics to take away the land. An excellent spot for evening walkers and to just sit and relax watching the sun go down. Today you cannot get in. They have cordoned off the area and you have police all around, playing carrom, cricket and some just time pass!

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