Mar 19, 2008

Man made machine Intelligence

The entire research, development, implementations in the Information Technology field, can never ever, even in future, develop an "intelligent-than-human" computer. Simply because human intelligence is the limit. Cloning this intelligence limits itself to available source of intelligence of a human being.

On the other hand, the machines have been able to perform tasks that are impossible for humans.
But the design for such machines has come out of human intelligence.

How long do we to let our children learn tables, simple addition and subtraction? Even after thousands of years of history of mathematics, we do not have a easier method of teaching difficult calculations. There is NO common, proven, easy system of calculation across the world. After all 2+4=6 in the entire universe. Will we have such a day? The basic methodologies must be left behind and be upgraded to a higher level.

What I do not understand is, when we were in class 5th there were no computers. So we had to learn working the hard way. Today I do not care to remember tables from 2 to 12 even. I don't need to. My children do not have to worry about it either. Why not they start off using calculators right from grade 2? What are they going to lose? Afterall entire world has upgraded to this level already. Why entire world has to start learning the same way as our previous four generations did?

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