Aug 16, 2008

Terrorism within India

Whatever Bandit. Jameelanwarlal Nehru, (with all my due respect to only his Prime Minister chair) his party and his family did to this country, has left a irreversible damage to the society and the nation. They just cannot take a stern action on terrorist groups within India and have let them have a free life to their will in India. Yes only in India, that is Hindustan.

What they lack is the true sense of patriotism. None in the world will ever like Hitler, but one doesn't have to be such a brutal dictator or killer as him to save our countrymen from the terrorists.

Elsewhere in other countries, they clearly spell out the perpetrators of terrorism by their clan, religion and group. Australia has already prepared to weed out Islam terrorism from their land. Our leaders in Congress and their boot lickers have no guts to do that in our country. Is only the votes that matter to them? Or is there more to it? I guess it has more.

Congress does not want to implement POTA because BJP, their rival party, had given a final shape to the process. Congress do not care if nation goes up in flame but they just cant take it being seen as second in intelligence to BJP. It is a straight party ego over national security.

They do not really want to ban SIMI and so they do not come to the point. They have many excuses. Even the Supreme Court, probably, made to differ their decision and good for Congressmen to keep S.C at bay on this issue. There must be some conspiracy I believe. Meanwhile the investigators in Gujarat has pointed at SIMI for it's involvement in the recent blasts. I pity the NDTV which quickly adds in their news that Gujarat police have not found concrete links of blasts to SIMI. But when godhra burned, even before any agency tried to find out the culprits, these news agencies had already pointed fingers at VHP and Sangh Parivar. It simply does not matter again, if the actual culprits must be identified, but it is a matter of selling your product playing on people's emotions. Most of these news media being supported and financed by non-Hindu organisations and societies it is but natural to expect their hate of anything about Sangh.

But look at where we are today. No solution by the central government on the series of blasts in India. The actual Godhra killers and train burners are still at large. They work under no pressure. There is no urgency to weed out terrorism here. Because right from Nehru, in one way or other, they have always homegrown these terrorists. If Indira had to die to her body guard's gun, Rajiv Gandhi to LTTE, Sanjay Gandhi to a conspiracy from within his own close people, it is very likely that today the home grown terrorists are out to take life of their boss, soon.

How will India ever learn to separate out the local born-here-grown-here muslims from the so-called external terrorists? Why shouldn't the Indian muslims take oath to identify and handover whoever they suspect as being externally supported, living within our country, in their own homes? As we see many of these families are letting their kins go join various terrorists groups and getting trained by them and then again sent back home to pursue their 'jihad' against India. Do the parents or their friends and relatives not know about this? They know but they let them be jihadis in the name of Allah? I don't believe the muslims in our country who turn terrorists are capable of keeping their change in heart a top secret. They are not capable of doing that at least within their community. It must be a matter of pride for them to be jihadis for the cause of bringing whole human race to believe in, only, Allah. Do they have any other goal in their life?

India never seem to have an end to all this. Be it conversion-under-covers of Hindus, ST/SCs, Dalits to other religions, or internal terrorism, illogical caste wars and even economical divide of society... India has not found any solution. Blame it on successive governments and the people at large who love to live confused and so obviously become indifferent to the issues. Its like when hundreds die in Kashmir, we just read it in the passing and switch on to hot news from Bollywood. People being killed in Kashmir has become a everyday news! We just ignore it after sometime. Why do you think Times Of India and similar publishers prints news of semi-half-nude Mallika Sherawat on first page and achievements by Narendra Modi's government on the 5th? She sells warmer than Modi's charm.

Inference: There is a whole hearted support to terrorism by certain section of muslims within India. They were born here, educated here and getting all benefits from the government under minority label. Congress, particularly, which loves muslims for their political reasons, have no guts to wipe out such elements out of India. There is no strong will. Terrorism is here to stay, indirectly. Our information media is sick. Their viewpoints do no good for society. Their bias over many national issues are very apparent. They sway to the wind. India remains chaotic. Indians are highly emotional on many national issues, but equally selfish. That is why there can be no solutions. Just as an example, Sri Rama temple in Ayodhya is going nowhere. The issue is simply forgotten over time. This will be brought back by all political parties when its good for them. But no solution. No one wants to scientifically explore the proofs and produce it before court and public. If an agency has the proof, a party wants to hush it up.
Another example is how media made a big news about Arushi's murder and finally all the commotion ended up as another regular rape and murder case. But of all the thousands of young girls and kids being raped day in day out why Arushi's murder took the centerstage for weeks? Why the media is more concerned with more influential people? Why didnt the same media run behind the courts and pressurize both courts and political parties to bring about stern laws, expose incapabilities of crime investigators? What about the minor kids being raped everyday? Media may or may not mention them even in the passing!

Tehelka hasn't yet substantiated or proved anything of Godhra or their recent 'expose' of 'tapes' of 'conspiracy' by RSS VHP BJP workers. The same news agency does not dare to expose terrorists!

I am happy to read this today after I posted the above last week. The father of SIMI terrorist says his son must be hanged if they found proofs of his crime. That's the way to go!

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