Feb 14, 2008

Why blame only Sangh Parivar on Valentine's day if .....

... the reaction to it in other parts of the world is the same.

One female in Africa writes this in her blog:

"In the old days we had no clue what the date February 14th was all about. But today! LO! all the fracas and circus of people actually dressing themselves up in red and all! One gets to think that people have nothing better to do than carry around red roses, spending lots of hard earned money in a day to impress a loved one. OkI understand if its in the western countries, well its agreeable for them to go through all the hype. But in Africa, where does Valentine fit in the African context, really?"

Living in Canada, Pavan says in "I Blog, Therefore I am":

"I know it has become a ritual for intellectuals to bash up Valentine's day on every 14th of Feb, so I wouldn't criticize the stupidity of this day but the state of our society."

Why Valentine is Bad? explains Jennifer Hammitt:

I've never been a big fan of Valentine's Day. I mean I get the whole it used to be a pagan holiday. Basically it was a tribute to one of their Pagan gods. The names of women would be put into a basket and they would be drawn by a teenaged boy. It was sort of a dating/hook up lottery. Well obviously this did not go over well in the Christian church. The church's attempt to do away with it became a day associated with St. Valentine. He was beheaded by the Roman Emperor Claudius II , for performing marriages (Claudius had sort of banned them). Somehow the tradition of sending notes or offering notes to women men wanted to court in St Valentine's name became the new tradition...........

I was trying to think of anything I could put down for items I wanted, and that is when I realized I cared more about Chinese New Year than Valentine's Day. I just do not get the commercialized behemoth it has become."

Phoenix wrote in 2004 on Ubersite as:

"I don't like Valentine's Day because in America, a society already stock-full with its share of laziness, we've used Valentine's Day as an excuse to be lazy in love." ""Celebrate Love" doesn't mean go out and buy things that Hallmark says are the meaning of Valentine's Day. "

Reasons why Valentine's day is sexist
: Kathy Greaves grieves!

"Our society is set up in such a way that single people feel like losers on Valentine's Day"

The FoxNews wrote:

Some feel icky about the sappy quality that characterizes Feb. 14. Plenty of Valentine’s Day scrooges despise what they say is the corny, forced sentimentalism of a contrived, overly commercialized holiday.

A Valentine's Day hater writes:

"To sum it up, Valentine's Day is a socially constructed concept created by mad scientists for the express purpose of adding stress that takes an additional 3 to 4 years off your life expectancy."

Whatever said and how many times ever it is repeated, Indians love anything that is imported. No reasoning beyond that. Period.


Rama said...

Whatever said and how many times ever it is repeated, Indians love anything that is imported. No reasoning beyond that.

Very true!! But that I feel is true of any culture. We see the western world being in awe of the Indian culture, be it yoga or Yogi (read Mahesh) since a long time. But this Valentines Day has seen this "boom" only after the commercialization by the commercial organizations, increased media frenzy and the internet.

Ramya was mentioning as to how one can celebrate the death of a person like this. Well.....

Suchin said...

Ramya is right.

By the way, if story of St Valentine's life must be believed, it's not surprising that Rome wanted to establish their superiority and impose their 'faith' onto people. So who would bother now of Rome's intentions? To a conservative society like ours, and to the generation who has artificially adapted to a lifestyle that appears to be very open, very entertaining....!!! that is all the generation care for now! and advantage to all the related businesses.

To a business eye, anything like this is an opportunity. They just don't much bother to see how their presentation or concept fits into a society like ours.

Suchin said...

Also, Yoga at least do not affect someone's culture in the west. And it does not propagate Hinduism either directly or indirectly. Most of them practicing Yoga believe its Buddhist's invention!

Yoga is good for them, Valentine's day is not so good for us. Simply because it gets easily misused by the GenX.