Feb 17, 2008

Prediction from 1998: Happening now...

Sometime in 1997-98 I had read predictions made by some pandit from Karnataka, which was published in a kannada magazine "Taranga."

One of the prediction was about a degree tilt of earth's rotational axis, caused due to a natural disaster. This, he predicted, will change weather conditions drastically all over the world. Where it hardly rained will start having rains, where it had never snowed will have snow....so on.

NASA has registered this change in earth's rotation axis too. I find one more detail description of this in NewScientist. (updated in Jan 2005)

Another prediction seems to be coming true too. I just read about this rising seas around the world and how human resource misutilization is causing the effect. As per the prediction of that Pundit, most of the world's coastal lands will go under seas. From California to Africa to Australia...most of these countries will lose their lands. Very clearly he had predicted about Java and Sumatra's disappearance after Tsunami. India lost a good amount of the Tamil Nadu coasts.

I remember most of the predictions made by him. Seen them happening all the way, including Tsunami, Vajpayee's short term PMship and a long full term one. Sonia Gandhi's term (proxy though) and return of BJP had been predicted by the same Pundit.

He had also predicted that after 25 years of a era of natural and political disasters, epidemic deaths, new deceases ....whole world will experience a calm again. There will be a shift of economic power from the West to the East. One country will survive all the chaos around the world and emerge as a powerful country. This country will be looked upto by others for its wisdom. More or less he pointed at India being this country, but well who would believe it at this point? Lets wait and see.

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