Feb 11, 2008

John Dayal's blog: His version of Terrorism!

"Sangh Terrorists" by Dr. John Dayal,
National President, All India Catholic union [ 2004-]
Secretary General, All India Christian Council [ 2000-]

I could have simply written my comments to his article. But why in the world would he love my curses at him? So I thought I rather counter him in my blog. Since there are lakhs of trained and salaried missionaries like him in India, my remarks to his thoughts will almost go unnoticed. But I cannot just ignore the pitiable humans like him. For the fact that India must one day put a stop to any forced conversion from any religion to another, these missionaries would have no way to 'cajole' unsuspecting tribals into giving up on their customs and traditions. This is being done like how he has written in this article: Call Sangh as terrorists to cover up their own 'cajoling' activities. John Dayal infers:
"It is high time that more and more people get to know about these criminal/anti-human actions of the Hindutva terrorists. The mischievous and highly motivated understanding that a particular community, region or religious ideology is more prone or more susceptible towards what is known in popular parlance as ‘terrorism’ or ‘terrorist activities’ should be refuted at all costs. People need to be convinced there is no qualitative difference between terrorist acts committed by suicide bombers of the LTTE or the jihadists of the Al-Qaeda or Khalistani terrorists, or adopted by followers of the Hindutva formations."
After reading his whole article I have the following questions for him:
  • Define your "Terrorism" first.
  • How do you compare Jehadi terrorism to Hindu 'Terrorism'?
  • Looking at the facts you see about support to Jehadi terrorism from within India, do you have a divine vision' to separate the good Muslim from the bad?
  • How and why do you want Muslims to be taken into IB? I do not have this fact, but I am questioning your own logic. A country like US themselves put them under critical screening.
  • Even while you have concentrated albeit selfishly only over the RSS/Hindu organisations, your own Christians being killed by Muslims in other parts of the world should probably be brought to your notice in this context. You are sure aware of this more than any one else, but you are conveniently masking those to keep reader's attention only on RSS.
  • Being a member of National Integration Council, one would not expect you to loosely identify RSS, VHP and BD as terrorist groups when even the CBI or IB or Government have never made such reports on them. You just can't counter the obstructions to your activities and hence you term them so.
  • Tehelka reports you have picked up conveniently could not bring any of their 'accused' to the courts yet. So you and me can do a journalism of that kind. By the way which government ordered narco-analysis and brain mapping of suspects related to bomb blasts at mosques?!!
  • You seem to give a verdict on the bomb blasts in Chennai to be a conspiracy of RSS themselves! While you are completely ignorant of the fact found by the IB, that entire activity was carried out by Anjuman, an Islamic student group. Use your ways to fool people, which is your official method anyways.
  • Your main objective should have been to compare organisations. But you have again conveniently separated Sangh Parivar as a group and identified others as religions. This is a foolish thing to do.
  • If there were no organisations such as your evangelists who are the root cause of all the hatredness you have inflicted in the minds of people who consider the religion should be left to the individuals' decision and you are NO superior to the religions and practices that were here for thousands of years, there would have been no necessity of RSS and its organisations to be stopping you from your evangelists activities.
  • Answer for all your above article, is simply YOU. You change your habits of psychologically weaning away tribals, scheduled castes and tribes, illiterates to Christianity and claim that they do it on their own, then organisations who are against you, including the Muslims will stop persecuting you.
  • Who are you referring to as "Founding Forefathers" in your blog header? Those missionaries who set their first foot in India in 17th century or the fathers of this great nation who had achieved Vedas even before your Jesus was even born? Better you stop contradicting yourself throughout the article.

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