Oct 23, 2007

Why are we proud of ......

...achievements of Indians outside India?

Last night I watched the news clipping on Piyush “Bobby” Jindal becoming of Governor of Louisiana, USA. His cousins and relatives were extremely happy...they danced crazily in their house in India. Everyone of them exclaimed that he makes Indians proud!!! I always wonder how these people really do that!!???

I read more of him on the internet. I find...

His article in a Catholics web issue
Piyush "Bobby" Jindal Religious lies
He being attached in a TV interview

How Indian is he? What is his lifetime contribution to India or Indians? How much does he know indepth of his own State in India as much he knows about Louisiana, accepted that he was born there. But him becoming a Governor of a State in the US makes Indians proud????

I am equally surprised at how Kalpana Chawla or Sunita Lyn Williams are anyway Indians at heart? Sunita had hardly visited India in her lifetime, Kalpana did only once or twice. We are proud of these????

I feel we are being enSlaved into the concept that anything the Americas, British or Europeans do are the ultimates. To them India doesnt even exist. To us they are the "Big Brother"s! We look up to them always. They set our standards of life, standards of educations, standards of technologies, standards of qualities....what not! Wonder what are we Indians upto? People like Lakshmi Mittal can come together and develop an entire village to what no other part of world has ever tried. In a way this threatens the Indian government to make them realize what they havent attempted so far. There are millions in the US who can come together to a great cause helping out India. There has been times during Kargil war and natural disasters in Gujrath and Orissa when Indians living outside India contributed a huge sum. India needs more than just money too.

I wish we stop admiring everything about what an Indian does in the US. Lets look at what our guys can do within India that includes me ofcourse) and give them all kinds of support.

[Oct 28, 11:30pm - Rama Iyer gave me this link to a lengthy explanation of Shashi Tharoor, on the same topic of Indians feeling proud of Bobby. You really gotto read it. I am glad I am not one of the few who think like this]


surabhi said...

i dont agrre for this
if developments only have to be done in our country all alone by a single country

Rama Iyer said...

well the reason all these people have achieved is because of their US citizenship. yes, they are of indian origin, but there ends the matter

Rama Iyer said...
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Suchin said...

If an Indian has made to that position in an American State, probably its apt to feel good about the open mindedness and democratic values of Americans, but definitely not to be proud of this guy who is all passionate only about his own selfish world in Louisiana.