Oct 19, 2007

Into the Black Hole somewhere in India there goes .....

"India tops in remittances from migrants

WASHINGTON: With Indians at the top, migrants working in industrialised countries sent home more than $300 billion in 2006, nearly three times the $104 billion given in foreign aid to developing countries.

India with $24.5 billion took in more remittance than any other nation. It was followed by Mexico ($24.2 billion), China ($21 billion), the Philippines ($14.6 billion) and Russia ($13.7 billion), according to a new UN study." says DNA

Ok!!!! Great!! But where the hell is all these money? Locked up with individuals? RBI? Laaloo? or Sonia's family trust? or to some religion funding? arrey obviously every million would show up somewhere if it was really used for good of the country....

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