Oct 10, 2007

Filth with Flowers

Every year on the Indian Independence day (Aug 15,) the horticultural department of Karnataka organises mammoth flower and plants exhibition in Lalbagh. This year, I reluctantly went with my family as I knew it wouldnt be easy to get in and come out.

Such a lovely garden turns into dustbin in just two or three days of this show. How much ever the department and security tries to control the crowd. Its the people's mindset that goes on rampage and has absolutely no care for the nature. But ironically they all come to watch the beautiful nature!

I was more concerned with the destructions of this place and captured some of the pathetic state in the garden. There are other links I am providing here where you actually get to see the wonders of creation through other lenses.

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Rama Iyer said...

This is what happens in most places. Be it the flower show or the aftermath of a concert or a a political gathering. We care a damn!!!