Feb 19, 2009

Sex is above Religion!

Ex-nun's confessions set to rock Kerala Church
Shaju Philip (IE. Feb 19, 2009)

Whatever the religion is, can you ever stop the human lust?

I will not judge this episode plainly based on the news. There could be a bigger story behind this.

And the pity is, India is tutored about 'culture' by the likes of people who are culprits in this episode! Check your own house first...

If this can happen in a holy place, what can happen in pubs? What would then be happening at various organizations run by them in the name of 'service'?! I can now question them all these, like how they do at Hindus religiously almost every other day.

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Anonymous said...

shakthi :

ennamo. now it will give chance for others to bitch abt christianity, esp for ppl like us if prodded. i have known christians who made mockery of the kanchi mutt, and its activities and said "all saamiyaars from mutt are like that." if someone says that to me now, i will certainly refer to this. i was so hurt then
actually it is true, that the present chief pontiff at kanchi mutt lacked interest in mutt life some 25 to 30 yrs back. he deserted the mutt and went in exile to thalaicauvery. ppl had to convince him, the staunch mutt devotees inclusive, to come back the then chief shld not have welcomed/accepted him back. thats probably the only thing that maha periyava didnt foresee. now the mutt has become commercial but bala periyava is still that pontiff who trained under the master. so i was not able to tolerate allegations againts bala periyava. if swarnamalya and so many other women (all brahmin women) claim to have been approached by the periyavas, why did they give such an impression to them did they not follow the mutt principles. they purposely try to do something to spoil the sanity of the mutt, and if that doesnt happen, they call the press and play foul. watever, but it becomes a handy tool for ppl against hindutva. the point is, when such allegations arise, only cross belts are affected. we take it 2 our heart, bcos, we are taught to segregate between god, and guru. we cannot accept blemishes from guru, but can tolerate such things from God and call it thiruvilayadal or avataar. but the others, non brahmins generally look at anyone with divinity as God there are no Gurus for them. so when such Guru's preachings are more understandable to cbs, they tend to be more partial to the students. when these kinda allegations arises, it is very easy for few devoted non brahmin, but not necessarily a mutt follower to become a anti hindu member or atleast they talk like one. also the other aadheenams who are not cross belts call themselves saamiyaars. they have very less brahmin followers. they generally tarnish the image of our Guru-Devotee-God structure and finally proclaim themselves as God.

Suchin said...

My experience with Tamilnadu temples were not good at all. I felt they were lazy and were not even trained. If thats the situation in normal temples, what is pontiff doing by not checking how the temple priests performed? Its brazenly true that they are out there only for money. Every priest put the temple to shame wherever I went. The sanctity of the place, is lost.

In contrast, southern Karnataka temples stand as an example of how temples should be. The priests are way better, though they too are a bit money minded. But the service they offer in every temple, is remarkable.

Where's there's money, in Kaliyuga, it can corrupt anyone.