Nov 27, 2008

Mumbai Terror, 26 Nov 08

Mumbai hotels under terrorists' siege since 9:40 pm, 26th Nov.


Shivraj Patil calls an emergency meeting with Vilasrao Deshmukh, CM of Maharashtra around 11:15am, 27th Nov. No urgency, do it in your own free time, after you get well dressed for the occasion.

Prime Minister convenes a high level meeting to discuss about the situation at 11am on 27th Nov. He had earlier once mentioned over killing of inocent muslims during terrorist attack, that he had lost sleep over them. But today he seem to have compensated for the lost sleep!!

'Prime Minister', Manmohan Singh, if he has the slightest remorse of dereliction of his 'prime' duty of providing security to the country, must resign immediately for his failure, not just for the hostage situation, but actually for not able to secure such a vulnerable point at Gateway of India.

Howmuch ever news media tried to divert attention of people from earlier terrorist attacks in India by confirmed terrorists who were muslims, to the recent Malegaon terrorism incidence, it has again proved the central government's and its own party ruling in Maharashtra, on its failure to be on high intelligence alert after series of terrorist attacks in almost last one year.

In contrast, dealing with 'Hindu terrorists had been ever more rhetoric with the media and Congress party than they ever did over 100s of years over muslim terrorism. The chasing behind Malegaon suspects, had it been as vigouroulsy and as seriously been carried out behind Islamic Terrorism, we probably could have brought many terrorist group activities to a complete stop in India. There is absolutely no scare, no threat for those Islamic terrorists by the Indian government! Even after this Mumbai incidence, they will be given second preference to deal with whereas Maleagon will be back on the priority. Otherwise, how can all the efforts of Congress party so far to attack VHP, RSS and their prime opposition party the BJP be just given up? They will surely pursue till they establish some connection between terrorists and Sangh parivar. Manmohan and his associates will not blink a sleep till then.

Every TV channel, has been trying to prove their proximity to the Truth and Facts of the incidence. Watching, especially the, TimesNow and NDTV were highly restless in presenting their views. Arnab as usual were literally grilling his own reporters, reporting from the venue. Because, Arnab is assumed 'Supreme Court Judge' of India!! after all. More than just reporting, they must have a fit over other channels in bringing news, with a competance. Forget the plight of people who are victims of this incidence, it is most important for TV channels to get to the facts 'first' before others do. Its simply a business.

We must greatly appreciate the various para military and police forces braving to zero in on the terrorists holding many customers hostage inside. The salute with highest regard will go to the ATS chief and 2 other high level policemen who were killed in the encounter with terrorists. When America was hit by the planes at the twin towers, the number of rescue teams that gave their life in safely helping the trapped victims in the rubble of the collapsed building were so well regarded by the State goverment and the President of America that every American made them feel proud of their achievement. I wish, in no less terms, our forces who are there around the Hotel rescuing and controlling the situation, deserves all the awards, praise and mostly our solidarity with them.

27th Nov.

All TV channels and news agencies still continue their 'exclusive coverage' publicity, claims presence of Narendra Modi at the scene as a political stunt! While the PM's address to nation was simply a text being read, it missed the patriotic essence and was unpassionate. But Modi's gesture of being at the scene for what he mentioned as 'moral support' to the command forces, and his first-to-announce rupees one crore to each of the top command officials, was termed as being done for political mileage. Does Modi really need any mileage now? He has proved his worth as CM many times already. Well the PM or his Congress could have done it. They could have done even more. The Home Minister of Maharashtra Patil too was at the scene giving his speech to the small gathering, and his 'people' shouted 'Bharath Mata Ki Jai.' The womaniser CM of Maharashtra, Vilas Rao could have announced something before Modi. If not in monetary terms, they could have been there for the moral support of the military forces handling the situation. But our media just cannot digest the gestures of 'patriotism' and feeling for 'our country' when it comes from the right wing party. They simply cannot understand the national pride of certain people. (psst: what if Modi had not come there? wouldn't it have made another news of his indifference?)

The Times Of India, in today's paper mentions RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) as a "party"!!! Such carelessness! I happen to find that their ePaper has many pages entirely different from whats actually printed and sold.

CM Vilasrao supposedly has said on the TV that he is suprised why the Dalaal Street had remained closed! We understand he must be losing few crores of his personal investments today :) because of 'some crap' happening in his city.

The Devil's Advocate Karan Thapar, helped a lot in letting Kapil Sibal explain his government's failure protraying it positively with some 'nationalistic' element. Whole world knows Kapil Sibal had no answers for their failure. But Thapar did not grill him. If it was BJP government at the center, he would have pulled every minister on his show to pin them down and ask frustrating questions. This time he simply did not counter anything Sibal said. Moreover, Sibal stated it was not the time for blame game. Oye! Who should be blamed? You have no right to blame no one else for your own failure. Take help of likes of Thapars and cover your arse. Shame on your inefficiency. Like always, Congressmen always never agree their mushtache picked dirt even when they fall to the ground. Keep it up Karan Thapar. Keep your grilling for Modi.

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Uma said...

Well said!! Nowadays the political situation in India and the Press Freedom will probably make Indians think that some sort of either Dictatorship or Communism is better off than Democracy!!!! It is really pathetic to see the largest Democractic country in the world being slow and behind in their thinking for situations which really needs quick responses. But the press are so quick to find something and put it across to the public even if it is not needed. Hopefully they will change places and press will move to politics and politicians will move to press. :)