Nov 4, 2008

Evidences on Ram Sethu

"One cannot help comparing the two totally contradictory stands taken by the Indian and Sri Lankan governments. While the Indian government attempted (even now attempts) to deny the truth of Ramayana, the Sri Lankan government faithfully attempts to establish the truth of Ramayana. While a predominantly ‘Hindu’ country’s government questions the existence of Rama Sethu and other related sites, a predominantly ‘Buddhist’ country identifies and promotes the Ramayana-relevant sites in its territory. It is sad, unfortunate and in a way painful that the Indian government has acted in such a sordid manner insulting the religious sentiments of milions of Hindus worldwide."
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On 19 January 2008 in New Delhi, the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority launched a new concept called ‘Ramayana trail in Lanka’ to promote its ‘Spiritual Tourism’ with famous cricketers Arjuna Ranatunga and Arvinda Desilva as brand ambassadors. The SLTDA has identified 50 sites relating to the history of Ramayana and decided to promote them through tourism, which would be a part of the strife-torn Island nation’s pursuit for progress. As the Ramayana Ithihasa connects both India and Sri Lanka and as India makes up to more than 20% of Sri Lanka’s tourist inflow, the SLTDA chose to launch the concept in New Delhi.
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