Jul 23, 2008

Something that I hated...

My client is an American. He appears to have taken for granted, having worked with many Indian companies, that we just don't convince him on our understanding of software project management process. It's not just about some companies, but yesterday I started to believe he just doesn't like anything Indian.

On every minute bit of the project process flow document, he has questions. I have once, kind of, warned him that he cannot poke his nose into our internal management affairs. He doesn't seem to care. He's right over our shoulders to check if we are capable of, firstly, understanding of his customer's requirement (which he mediates with us, for them.) Secondly, if we have the experience of delivering with a proper process in place to match the schedules of his requirement.

I am not new to this. But this is my first time ever with a client who rather defines my management and expects me to follow it like as if I am a pawn on his board.

What was most hating about how he talks about Indians is how he thinks we are some 'cheap low level uncivilized' bunch of people. But well, he lives in Bangalore. He's a white from America. He runs projects for his clients across the globe getting it developed and delivered from Indian software companies.

I cant explain the incidences here but I know this man makes a huge difference when he shows his frustrated attitude about Indians. He sarcastically laughs and passes comments on the names of foods, when I give him a restaurant's menu. I was about to buy him lunch. After this I just didn't care to order any. He went out on his own and brought himself some goddamn sandwiches.

If it wasn't the money in the project that is involved here, I would have taken it on every word of his and made his life insignificant. I don't want to cause the loss to my company because of my relationship with this idiot.

Reminds me of something about Americans who can't even spell or pronounce their own English words properly, pointing out at us Indians on miscommunication. Well yeah we don't communicate as well as them, verbally and animatedly, but our English is much better than their's. Many of them do not know where India is. Slowly we are getting some visibility. But should we care as long as we are what we are?

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Rama said...

True!! I too hate such mentality. There was this American who was asking me where India was and if India was that exotic place with snake charmers and Rajas in Sherwanis and if people travelled in bullock carts. Well, so much for their global awareness.