Jul 22, 2008

Sethu Dam and Ayodhya

The Congress governments have always protected the Mosque at Ayodhya and have not let the Hindus get back their temple where they believe Raama was born and lived.

Congressmen completely sided the muslims on this issue.

Sethusamudram project is again related to Lord Raama or Ramaayan (story of Lord Raama.) Congress leaders again support anyone who works against Hindus. This time its DMK party in Tamilnadu. Congress is ready to let the DMK cut open the land strip constructed during Ramaayan time (mind you this is the belief of Hindus and soon would have unquestionable archeological evidences) to make way for ships to enter shorter sea route without having to go around Sri Lanka.

The logic in both the above cases is same. Anything Hindu must be opposed.


You gotto observe Congressmen on the media when they are in debate or discussion. They always get complete time to express their views. The channel helps them do that. But if a BJP person should take his/her chance to counter or express his/her view point the congressmen always talk over them blocking up the entire discussion. Even the mediator of the channel do not stop the congress leaders.

If I am the mediator, I would repeatedly cut the congressmen down and make them believe they were without voice boxes. Arrogance, Sarcasm, Ego are right words for every congressman...

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