Jan 27, 2008

M. F. Hussain: His Initials Say Who He Is

He was born in Maharashtra, India. His own mother died when he was 1 and half year old. But the motherless young Hussain learned art to strip his mother India naked and showcase it to the world!! Visibly, even to the blind, this series of paintings shows off his perverted mind.

No one utters a word. Why? Because his ugly paintings brings millions of rupees. His wealth equating to his value as a person is respected by all the 'liberals' and the hi-fi Indian Intellectuals. Simply because they associate themselves only with the wealthy. Shit on neighbor's wall, we won't ask you to justify, because you are Rich and Famous!. Above all he belongs to the religion that is a minority in India other than J&K.

Look into the Showcase link above. No explanation is required to demonstrate his sick mind. He chooses to paint ONLY Hindu deities naked, including his mother India. He is very lucky to be born Muslim. Indian government do not question him. His website (may not be official) terms it as "Religion and creative freedom are once again on a collision course! ", the demand to withdraw his nude mother India painting. Artist's freedom of imagination? Sure. He will someday sell the world a painting of his own ***** priced $1 million :)

I wish he painted Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Mayawati as naked, and we could wait and watch reactions from the same 'liberal' public. I wonder why he did not paint Madhuri Dixit that way?!

The protests against his nude paintings of Hindu deities did not get much exposure over the media, as it goes without saying that when the protestors are from any of the Hindu organisations people just don't care. You don't care for people dieing in Kashmir anymore because that's the story everyday. Neither will those who claim to be peace mongers, ethical religion, most civilised, most secular, most modern, most scientific religions did not protest against Hussain's Hindu nude paintings. Why would they? They must be happy that Hussain is doing part of their job of demeaning Hindu religion. That's called Unity in India!!!

But MF Hussain is a happy billionnaire at the cost of stripping his Mother India. His character is abbreviated to two letters in his name. Should I explain more?


Rama said...

It is really very sad to see that he is allowed to paint anything in the name of depiction of art and freedom of expression. Even if it is depiction of art in its "pristine form" he should atleast be sensitive to others' feelings. You cannot have your freedom at the cost of hurting others which is highly criminal and added to that ... this evident blatant hypocrisy.

Aarti said...

Precise and well written article....Well done Suchin.