Jan 3, 2008

Caste system of India: Poor "Dalits"

Why don't anyone ever look at the CASTE system as a fallacy deliberately misused only by some? Why not look at the REAL meaning of VARNASHRAM from which the CASTE has been grossly misinterpreted. A monstrous negativism is instilled in the minds of the so called Dalits. They are reminded of their oppression over and over again making them susceptible to another type of oppression called "brain wash."


If once you start a discussion on this topic, there is unending contradictions in the concept of CASTE relevant today to what the original Vedas ever said about Varnashram. The attempt to poison the minds of Indians is evident here.

It is true that the Dalits (I really don't know who coined this word and when) are the suppressed lot. They were looked down upon when there was the demon 'Untouchability' in India. But these Dalits were brainwashed by opportunistic religions which made them to believe anything and everything Hindu is just Brahmism. This is a gross misconception thrown into their ignorant minds. So when you look up any information about Dalits on the Internet every site writes hatredness about Brahmins. More than Dalits managing these sites, it appears that there are vested interests of other religions who take control of what is said on these sites. Obviously the intentions are clear.

Lets analyze the system. There is nothing called CASTE in Vedas. But there is VARNAS. Today the caste system has become a lineage, meaning, children of a Brahmin couple are automatically Brahmins, of Shudras are automatically Shudras and so on. The very definition of Brahmin sounds illogical in this order. Because to be a "Brahman" is to have aquired worldly knowledge. What does a new born child know about anything? Did the child grow up and choose to be or not to be a Brahman? What it takes to be a Brahman? Knowing of Brahma (The creator of this Universe: The creation of Universe and all its entities) is possible by practicing Brahminism: Is by growing up closer to God. Because Vedas are embedded with information on creation of Universe, a person with true interest in learning, with no biases from his known world, can only understand the Vedas perfectly.

Caste and Religion: Their Relevance to present day situation

They were not written by Brahmins!!! The unknown writers later became Brahmans simply because they understood Brahma. Veda Vyasa was not known to be a Brahmin until he wrote the Vedas. He is awarded Brahmin rather. Valmiki was not a Brahmin. Where are their descendants now? Are they brahmans? (I notice I have been using 'Brahman' and 'Brahmin'. But both means the same in different dialects.) There has probably been some sections among these Brahmins who were half educated, half cooked knowledge went about defining their own logic of Brahminism and wanted to build their own 'empire'. Others were not worried about the politics. They just continued in their spiritual researches.

I understand the logic behind Varnas like this:

According to Varnas, every human is born Shudra. I associate it to mean "UnOrganized." Someone who is in the process of defining themselves, understanding their existence, just something like transforming from a "Nobody" to "Somebody." In this transformation process, one is likely to learn life by committing many mistakes and correcting it over a time. At some stage the human being will have to choose a path of life, professionally, morally, socially to set his position in the world's environment. He may choose to be a Doctor, Businessman or whatever. That reminds me of 'Idle mind is devil's workshop': Mind of useless human being. To me this is state of being a Shudra. Unorganized. Directionless. But it is a natural process, we don't have to be ashamed of this.

This definition perfectly seem to fit the concept of Varnashram. Everyone is born Shudra, chooses a life path of Vyshya or Kshtriya. But invariably almost all humans end up matured with knowledge of the world. To whatever extent one can understand this world and its mysterious connection with the self, that person has grown spiritually to understand the design of God in the manufacturing of this Universe. The more you learn about it, the more closer you are to the God. Knowing God is now a process of following Brahmanism (Brahminism.)

Then Popes, Prophets, Monks are Brahmins too.

I call for all "Dalits" (Sorry I didn't name them so) to become Brahmins even if you start the process in your old age, make sure you understand the Truth of our existence on this earth. Those Brahmins who have seen you as "low caste" do not count, they are negligible few in this world. You can be on your own with no help from them to learn Sanskrit (you lose nothing) and master the Vedas (This isn't personal property of Caste Brahmins.)

However, in terms of Life of Earth, and Life of Human beings on earth, looking at the outset, the time we all spent through ages to understand some concept, must be well used to churn out the TRUTH that actually is, instead of misusing.. misinforming.. misrepresenting the actual TRUTH in Vedas.

A tiny portion of Vedic Ocean, tweaked to serve selfish intentions of certain groups of people in the world, has created a disaster for Indian social fabric, with wounds never healing because the TRUTH is deliberately sealed off from the victims of this misinformation.

Stop using the words "DALIT" "UPPER CASTE" "LOWER CASTE" "CASTISM" "OPPRESSION" "POVERTY" "BRAHMIN" and you will start to see only the positives of this great country called Bharat.

Thanks for reading so far.

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