Mar 15, 2015

'Mother' Theresa and Mohan Bhagwat

Reaction to the statement on 'Mother Theresa' by Mohan Bhagvat creates ripples, ire, protest from all quarters. Couple of years ago, even hindus hardly protested when Jayalalitha and congress (hand in glove) arrested and abused Shankaracharya! Eventually he was aquitted of all charges.  Not even a handfull was even bothered to react like how the christian community did to support Theresa. Thats the fate of Hindus everywhere, anywhere.

We need a Bhagavat to keep Hindus from being pounded from several vested groups.

If you check history of all episodes on various TV channels and print media, you will see how they abused, belittled Kanchi's Shankaracharya even before court gave it's verdict. The damage done in the society is irreversible.

Now, will the same media treat Theresa the same way if Mohan Bhagvat can anyday prove her intentions of 'service'?

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