Dec 23, 2010

The Author of God

Happens all the time. Invariably I end up sitting for more than the ‘empty’ time in my ‘Seat Of Knowledge’ (SoK), the toilet. And I wonder how when your system becomes lighter, your thinking becomes sharper :)

It’s not surprising to me that I have found the place to have opened up whole world of TRUTH to me many a times. I sometimes have arrived at a closest solution to most complex ideas. My thoughts will be something like, how close artificial intelligence be compared to human brains, in couple of decades from now.

Truth about God is my most interesting and haunting thoughts in SoK. Of course I get soaked in the thought.  The last ‘meditation’ was on ‘Why is the story of Gods across religions is NOT the same, if there was/is ONLY ONE God?’ Can there be a story at all? What crap is the story is all about?

If you are a priest and reading this, please don’t bother to explain me God. I know a lot more than you do. But you are blind, I am not. My SoK transcends me to end of Universe where human is unheard of. Where your religion does not exist.

So, I have few questions: (no answers, yet)

1.   Story of God is universal, its not just on earth. Where in your religious books does it say, (or your God say) what other life forms exist somewhere else in universe that God is interested in ‘teaching good’ to them? Or does it ever say there is NO other life forms anywhere else but Earth?

2.   What story God has in other parts of universe? Has he said anything of those in your books? Why hasn’t he?

3.   The act of giving birth to your own species is ‘Sin’ as per some religions. If so, God could never have Sinned. And so God never could have created any life which never need to Sin to reproduce. And so, God himself would have to be against the act. Then he has no parents, no wife, no children. We still say we are children of God! He has no family! What kind of a story can he have if he has no one around him? Only story is that he played with toys :)

4.   Story of Gods do not tell you about how this universe got created, but tells you how close you can be to God if you are GOOD human. To this day, the proof of your hypothesis of creation and destruction of universe is not yet proved by science. Not that it will not be, but it takes million years of research. And you think you know the very designer of universe, but know nothing about universe?

My thought on this is reserved for now. I am going to patent it :D

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