Nov 23, 2009

The Ghost Returns....

Babri Masjid case was waiting to return. This time exactly when Congress's limbs gotten weak. When they TROT they make sure others ROT.

With hundreds and thousands of evidences unearthed by reputed historians, archeologists and religious heads, court is yet to come to a conclusion. The courts do not see it as a 'escapism' of the muslim communal forces when they dont appear in court when they are supposed to.

Ayodhya Evidence I and II - by Koenraad Elst (A Belgian Indologist)
Found and Lost - The Ayodhya Evidence - by Koenraad Elst

Now, the TV channels a screaming at top of their voices over a tiny bit of improvisation in the Lieberhan Commission report.

Babri Masjid issue is one of those that never get resolved just like:
Article 356
Common Civil Code
Terrorists' intrusion at borders
Ram Sethu
Communal riots in Orissa
and many more...

And, the Congress government has proved to be indecisive for whatever personal reasons, on Chinese invasion and 26/11. Maybe Congressmen are paid by Communists and Terrorists large sums to keep the issues alive.

What the Congress has missing in them to resolve these? - Patriotism

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