Jun 29, 2009

Post Indian Election....

To me, the post election scenario in India, just proves that Indian electorate do not have any long term perspective for our country. That the electorate cannot think beyond castes, religions, local benefits, limited understanding of citizen rights and above all, what we basically lack is to see (not where) what India should be in her character within another 10 years.

The Indian politicians themselves do not have any vision for our country, not beyond their own survival in the administrative powers.

We love to compare every aspect of our country with others and mostly be satisfied if we are within top 100! But pathetically enough, we are on top for all the worse attributes. If billions of dollars flow in to the health sector into India, I wonder where those money is all going if it cannot remove us from the 1st position in bad health (aka HIV.)

The government can simply ask itself this question "What should the government machinery do if India should eradicate poverty, ill health, slums... within 5 years?" Chart a plan and put it on table visible to the entire 1.4 billion population of India and have us watch the government actually implement those plans and complete them with accurate results in 5 years. Just demonstrate this to us, and we are ok with whoever rules this country!

Even if the BJP communalises people, even if Congress steals the treasury for their personal benefits, even if Janata Dal splits into innumerable parties with ONE member in each split, why do we care? We just want to SEE in reality, what this government SAID they will DO in given time. That's it.

To be there, it takes another 50 years for any party to grow up to that stature, and the people of India to start thinking in that direction. We can only talk. We will not behave when elections are around. We just do not know our rights fully.

This will continue in every election....

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