Mar 31, 2009

India votes for Religion or Performance?

It's no big deal accusing Varun Gandhi for his rhetoric against muslims. It's nothing new from what we have known for ages happening with BJP.

This happens everyday, with everyone. But when it happens with BJP or Sangh, it becomes a cover story that can run huge business for newsmakers. This is known to us too. No big deal!

Only weapon against BJP, if you have to put them down in the times of elections, is to grab the 'communalism' slogan. You get support from all quarters who are against Sangh and BJP, and whoever is even remotely 'Hindu' associate.

What is the effect of this newsmaking? Every news channel highlights the communalism of BJP, and has absolutely nothing to talk about performances of the Central government or their ministers of State or about their beejaasuraas (one seed of demon begets million such demons.) Ok so what is achieved finally? One point issue. Communalism. Everytime the same story. What is anymore big about this deal?!!!! They do not have a way to counter Modi's performance.

Instead, every government, run by any party, must be competiting with their performances, in all the States. Communalism gets boring after a time of innumerable repetitions.

Forget Varun. Check what individual States have performed. What their CMs have delivered over their promises? Who has the best performance index? Can the newsmakers ever do this?

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