Jun 23, 2008

Opening prayer by Hindu Chaplain in US Senate

Tuesday, 10 July 2007.
AFN News channel Host Fred Jackson asks Ed Thomas.

Fred: "....what is going to happen in Washington DC in the US senate about 48 hours from now. History is going to be made. In the 200 year or more history of the US senate, for the first time... for the first time at the opening of the day's business, the Prayer (and that has been a tradition for all that time,).. a prayer for the first time in history, is going to be offered by a Hindu chaplain, a HINDU chaplain. Gentleman your reaction to that"

Ed: "well, this is incredibly disturbing...I, I.. I hope, y'know, all Americans understand what a benchmark this is...uh..for the US senate..to be asking...for the blessing..unless I presume thats what the prayer is meant..for the aid and help in the day's activities..is going to be asking for the aid of..the over 30 million Hindu gods I suppose, that this Hindu chaplain is going to be asking these 30 million Gods for help for the US senate."

Fred: "So what is abt the God, for the one nation, &@#$% is not in the God we trust?"

Ed: "No not the God of the Bible"

The discussion is more interesting...watch it :) Look at how this incidence is brought to a national discussion over media channels and insist there can be NO muslim, Pagan, Hindu prayers in the US! at least in the Senate :)

This small unnoticeable incident can trigger quick alerts among christians of America while in India christianity ruthlessly convert every soul who THEY consider as being considered low humans by Hindus (even Hinduism.) Install churches in every village. If these very christians think America is completely Christian by its soul and identity, then they bloody well know that India is Hindu by its identity, soul, and documented and visible history. Let them not send any of their missionaries to India. Can they shut up and live in their own Christian country and not worry about how 'rest of the world' is surviving?

And we are the only civilization in the world, perhaps, who accept every other religion (of course without them being imposed on anyone.)

Another interesting comparison of Islam and Hinduism, by a Muslim.

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Paras said...

Being intolerant to other religions, where one refuses to even listen to someone's point of view is a very primitive and ignorant way to behave.

We as Hindus have propagated this misconception that we pray to a lot of different Gods. Our inability to explain our stand in proper English has led to this situation. Our kids growing up in USA or other predominantly Christian or Muslim countries have been ridiculed because of that.
Some religious groups have slaughtered or converted Hindus because of the perceived interpretation of the faith.

-Hinduism is a way of living and not a tight rope act with fixed set of rules. It is ever evolving.
-Hindu philosophy believes that everyone that chooses to, could seek salvation at his/her own pace and his/her own way. It is like a College (credit) class, where you study mostly on your own and whether you become a CEO or a dropout is up to you.
-Karma (action) will have a Phal (reaction). Someone else cannot cancel your debt for you.

-We address God as ...
Adwait (indivisible=One)
Aditya (ancient)
Apoorva (the one that had nothing before it)
Avinash (indestructible)
Sarvavyapi (everywhere..into everything)=worship the supreme intelligence in whatever form it is easy for you to follow.

My personal belief is that religion (may it be Christianity or any other religion) is a private matter and has no place in Government that represents so many different people.
Being religious does not make one better than an atheists who leads a moral life.
If we evolved from using a bullock cart to Boeing 747 and from clay tablets to microchips, all the religions will have to evolve and have a make over.
And if we live in the countries like India or USA that are known for their freedom of everything..who one worships to or not is no one's business but one's own.
But... I agree, we cannot continue to be open minded to all in India and accept ridicule and intolerance from others in other countries.