Apr 17, 2008

AUM --- 'Humming' of Universe!!!!

Yahoo's LiveScience Journal Article - 16 Apr '08
"Earth gives off a relentless humm of countless notes completely imperceptible to the human ear, like a giant, exceptionally quiet symphony, but the origin of this sounds remains a mystery."- Researcher Rudolf Widmer-Schnidrig, a geoscientist at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Researcher Dieter Kurrle and Widmer-Schnidrig detailed their findings March 20 in the journal Geophysical Research Letters

The Hindu prayer AUM - (wikipedia)

Hindus believe that Aum is the enigmatic, universal, divine sound. It is said to represent everything from the three (and ultimate fourth transcending) states of consciousness to the Trinity of Hinduism. It is analogous to the concept of the "word of God," but seems to transcend it by maintaining that everything emanates from Aum, exists in Aum, and ends in Aum. It is known as the pranava or root mantra of Hinduism. Included in all prayers, from the Vedas and onwards, regardless of the nature of the prayer, it is the ultimate self-contained prayer for the Hindu mind. Many sages of the Hindu tradition claimed (and still do) that if nothing else, the love of God could pray through that one sound alone. The Upanishads define it in depth, and one such definition is as follows. The Vedas also state that monosyllable Aum was the first sound ever produced in the Universe after Creation.

Every discovery about science and universe, probably has already a reference in Hindu Vedic books. Vedic Hindus have seen it all more than 4000 years ago. Wondering if they ever had such device to 'listen' to the far below limits of human hearing. It could only be 'experienced' by the soul. Which other religious texts talk about this? I guess none other would be interested in the Science of the Universe as much as Hindus were.

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