Jun 11, 2007

Indian Music and Critical Thought

"I have been studying music since I was young. I played trumpet, both classical and jazz, as well as medieval and renaissance wind instruments such as the cornetto, krumhorn, and recorder. I took years classes of at the Juilliard conservatory before going to college, where I got a BA in music. Yet, I always felt there was something missing in my music education"

".... -- shouldn't I have all the critical thinking tools I needed to understand any piece of music? I went into the music library for some deeper explorations, and there, listening to Indian and Javanese musics, I sat dumbfounded, realizing, after so many years of study, just how far from having those tools I was."

"Through my study of Indian music, which will surely take me the rest of my life, I am truly beginning to feel as though I understand music, one of my great loves"

Understanding Indian music from a non Indian is to Introspect our values. Its like someone pointing at how valuable we are. The above is what a Jazz/Western musician says about his experience in transformation into Indian Music (Hindustani.) Great reading. Visit the page HERE

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